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AKC Breeder Rewards Program: Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants are required to sign up on the AKC Pet Insurance website by providing their first and last name, mailing address, phone number and email address. By signing up for the Program, participants agree to the Terms and Conditions and Rules of the Program.
  2. The Program is not available in all states, including the state of Washington.
  3. Rewards will go to first listed owner on a litter regardless of the litter owner who signs up for the Program or sends the dog home. Co-owners of the litter will not be eligible for rewards.
  4. Registration and Insurance Contact rewards will be linked to the litter owner via the dog’s registration number. Downloaded rewards will be linked to the litter owner via the primary owner’s AKC registered email address.
  5. Participants will earn rewards when a puppy buyer contacts us about pet insurance, by either calling or going to our website. This includes the initial 30 days of pet insurance.
  6. Puppy buyers must download and register the TailTrax app using the email address of the primary owner of the dog as listed on the AKC registration in order for the participant to earn the download reward.
  7. App download rewards are for unique downloads only. If a puppy buyer has an existing TailTrax account, a download reward cannot be earned on that puppy.
  8. Litter owner(s) (primary or co-owners) are not eligible for program Rewards for registering dogs from their own litter or contacting us about pet insurance coverage for their own dog.
  9. Puppies sold through a broker, a reseller, or other third party are not eligible for rewards.
  10. Rewards will be paid on a quarterly basis via digital Amazon gift card. Gift cards will be emailed to the email address provided at time of sign up. Recipients are responsible for any taxes. PetPartners, Inc. will not provide 1099’s unless the amount paid meets the legal requirements for issuance. The program sponsor is not responsible for any lost or stolen gift cards.
  11. The participant must be signed up for the Program in order to start earning rewards. The terms, reward amounts, reward structure, and duration of the Program can be changed or adjusted at any time.
  12. PetPartners, Inc. will notify participants via email within 30 days if changes occur or the Program is terminated. Rewards that are actually earned, but not paid as of the date of any changes, will be paid per the terms in effect on the date such reward was earned.
  13. This Program is offered through PetPartners, Inc. and is not sponsored or endorsed by American Kennel Club. Program questions and reward disputes should be directed to AKC Pet Insurance/PetPartners, Inc. at 866-725-7247. (Not the American Kennel Club.)
  14. ©TailTrax is a mobile application owned by PetPartners, Inc. located at 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 350, Raleigh, NC 27617-2028.

Program Rules

  1. You may only use PetPartners, Inc. provided materials to inform your puppy buyers.
  2. You may encourage, but not require puppy buyers to, register, download the TailTrax app and/or to contact PetPartners regarding pet insurance coverage.
  3. You are not a licensed insurance agent so you must not make any statements about the benefits of the insurance policy.
  4. You must disclose to the puppy buyer that you may receive a small financial benefit from registration, download and/or activation. The PetPartners, Inc. promotional handout will contain this disclosure, so you can meet this requirement by providing it to them.

(Updated June 2021)