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New Pet Owners  •   Lacey Miller  •   Apr 06, 2015

It’s bath time again. You’ve tried to put it off as long as possible but after that last walk, your dog needs to be washed if they expect to ever be allowed a cuddle again. Yet after what happened last time, bathing your dog might end up with you chasing a soaked Labrador through the house.

Yet bath time is an essential part of pet care, and being able to do it more regularly will help to improve your pet’s health.  It doesn’t have to be a wrestling match to get your dog into the bath.  If you‘re nervous about it, your dog will sense that and react.  Try putting a lead on your dog and firmly lead him to the bathtub. If it’s a bigger dog you may need help to lift them. Once in the bath, most dogs won’t move too much so long as you try to keep a firm hand on the back of their neck as much as possible. This will also help prevent them from shaking suds all over you!

Make sure you are wearing old clothes when bathing your dog. Even with the calmest animal, it’s likely that you’ll still get a little wet. Remember that dogs are more sensitive than us, so have the water running at lukewarm, and don’t have the pressure up too high. Try and keep the water away from the dog’s face as this will only cause them to make a break for it!

Wash their face with a damp cloth after you have soaped and rinsed the body, and gently scoop water onto their head. It’s best to use a dog or puppy shampoo, as all the things in our shampoo that make our hair smell lovely can irritate your dog’s skin. This is why you must also ensure that you rinse your dog until the water runs clear, as excess lather can cause them to itch.

When bath time is over, hold up a big towel and let your dog have a shake, then either rub them dry or blowdry them. Make sure you don’t let them outside immediately, as dogs will roll in the dirt after a bath!

No matter how well you groom your dog, sometimes they will get, fleas, ticks or irritated skin that has to be taken care of by the vet.  For accident, illness or wellness protection, PetPartners, the exclusive pet insurance provider of the AKC®, offers a range of insurance plans which can be quoted online within seconds by visiting www.petpartners.comor by calling 1-866-744-1113.

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