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Touring the neighborhood together is much more exciting for your dog on Halloween than on your daily walks. All the commotion and festivities create a perfect environment to receive pats and praise; however, the night can also distract you from keeping your dog away from harmful candies, candles, and scares. (Oh my!)

Always follow basic city walking safety rules and keep a close eye out for any stray pieces of chocolate or treats that may have fallen onto the street. Halloween can be a great socialization experience for well-trained dogs, but it can be overwhelming for the young puppy or senior dog. If you aren’t sure how your dog will react, test her temperament in a public park before the big night.

Once you are sure your dog is ready to enjoy All Hallow’s Eve, check out some of these matching costume ideas for just the two of you, all your dogs, or the whole family!


With You

Game of Thrones: Dragons and Khaleesi or Jon Snow

Win-fur is Coming. Make your little direwolves look fierce with a dragonish twist on our DIY bat wings! Outfitting your pups in these safe, lightweight dragon wings will have you and your pack sitting pretty on the Iron Throne in no time.


Policeman and K9 Detective

For this easy, last-minute costume, your dog can be looking official with just her regular Nylon harness and some black duct tape. Using a white or gold Sharpie, write “POLICE K-9 Unit” on a piece of tape as wide as your dog’s harness. Stick it on the fabric, grab yourself a pair of Aviator sunglasses, and you’re ready to hit the streets!

*When making your police dog costume, try to make sure it is not TOO convincing so as not to be confused with an active working dog!*


Princess and Sidekick

All of our favorite, timeless Disney princesses have an adorable animal as a sidekick. Pick your favorite princess or decide which sidekick your pup resembles and go from there. From Ariel and Flounder to Jasmine and Raja, there is sure to be a pair perfect for you and your pet.


With the Family

Star Wars

One of the biggest pop culture phenomena of all time inspires these classic family costumes. Your dog will look out-of-this-galaxy as Yoda, Leia, an Ewok, or an AT-AT. With a cardboard box, some non-toxic spray paint, and a bit of creativity, you could have your own All Terrain Armored Transport canine. All you and your family need are a few light sabers, and you are ready to take on the Empire! (Or just the cul-de-sac.)


Wizard of Oz

When you think of family costumes, Dorothy and her friends are a first-rate option. Turn your dog into the Cowardly Lion with a fun furry collar or haircut for the season. Or try the Tinman with a simpler twist on a basic AT-AT costume. Remember to construct any costume to give your dog full mobility. Let your dog walk around the house in her costume as a test drive!


Scooby Doo and the Gang

Dressing up as the Mystery Machine Gang only requires clothing probably already in your closet! Everyone will instantly recognize who you are supposed to be once you put a teal collar on your dog with an “SD” pendant. The pendant can be quickly printed and attached similarly to the tag from our DIY Beanie Baby costume.


With the Pack


Cosplaying is for the dogs! Suit your dogs up in costumes made to look like your favorite Pokémon. What could be cuter than a Pikachu Pug, a MewTwo Malamute, and a Charmander Chow? The combinations are endless and perfect for your entire pack!


Fast Food

Are your dogs so cute you could eat them up? Almost every pet store that sells Halloween costumes will have the ever-punny hot dog costume. Take this theme and run with it! With hamburger, taco, milkshake, or French fries’ costumes, your dogs will catch the attention of everyone on the block.


Super Heroes

Marvel Comics are on track to be the hottest costumes of the year! Who are your favorite heroes and villains? Choose characters that represent your dogs and fit them in simple, breathable felt masks to hide their true identity. If your dogs won’t tolerate a mask, you can always try equally simple felt capes! Just make sure that any accessories fit correctly - not tied too tightly or too loosely. You can also find more detailed superhero costumes, like these, at your local pet store.


Feeling inspired yet? Share your end-results with us on Facebook! From everyone at AKC Pet Insurance: have a safe, happy Halloween!

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