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Shopping for Canine Fitness

Behavior and Training  •   Jasey Day  •   Nov 23, 2018


Just like fitness training can be done in the convenience of your own home, so can online canine fitness shopping! Where should you start?


Fitness Equipment Made Specially for Dogs

The dog fitness world has two online leaders, which are listed below. Each offers some unique gear:


Fitness Equipment That Could be Used for Dogs

Some owners turn to Amazon or their local sporting goods store for equipment to use in their pups’ fitness programs. See below for some ideas for front, back or all feet targeting (putting feet on objects) and for balance skills:

  • The wedge inflatable is great for intermediate dogs.
  • Foam pads are great for beginners and for seniors. They are more stable than discs.
  • Small discs are super for all targeting and skills levels. Discs with nubbies often stimulate and work your dog’s toes! Nubbies also provide traction.
  • Step platforms are great for doing some of the fundamental skills, such as sphinx to stand or puppy pushups on the incline, decline or level surface!

On a budget? Don’t forget to check garage sales or second-hand sporting goods stores to find some used equipment. A step platform second-hand could be much cheaper than purchasing a new platform online.


What should you do with your new equipment?

Revisit the foundation skills like how to sit, paw targeting,  play bow,  shake, and walking backwards! Some of those skills can be done with an inclined or declined aerobics bench; simply incline one end ten inches!  You can also do targeting with front and/or back feet on an elevated surface with the above-mentioned equipment. In addition, fine tune your skills by taking online fitness classes or reading the articles at the below sources:

Have fun shopping!

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