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Stay in Touch With Your Breeder - Here's Why!

New Pet Owners  •   Jasey Day  •   Jan 04, 2017

Stay in touch with your dog’s breeder – here’s why!

Many of us take our puppy home at 8 weeks of age. The relationship with your breeder doesn’t have to end at that point! Instead, it should just be beginning! I urge you to stay in touch via emails, cute holiday cards featuring your dog, and phone calls for advice. Here are the top reasons to stay in touch with your breeder:

  1. It helps you and your pup.

The breeder has a wealth of knowledge about that breed, health, training methods, nutrition, and the genetic line. Because behavior and temperament are part nurture and part nature, the breeder may have encountered and resolved any challenges that you are facing; thus, a quick chat with the breeder may open the door to fixing any issues that you’re experiencing.

I’ve contacted my current breeder regarding (lack of) weight gain, dog food questions, blood work anomalies, and potential allergies. I want to know if any of the dogs in that line have had similar issues and how they were resolved. Anytime I contact my breeder regarding a health issue or with an important behavior question, he gets back to me the same day. This makes me want to keep buying puppies from someone who is so interested and so vested in (two) puppies that he sold me years ago!

  1. It helps the breeder.

The best breeders want to be kept in the loop about your small and large accomplishments, your dog’s temperament, and any potential health issues. After all, breeders share your passion for your breed, for dogs, and for bettering the genetic line of their dogs. A breeder cannot determine the success of the breeding by how the puppies look and act at only 8 weeks old. Assist your breeder in learning more about their line’s working skills and talents, health, looks, and personality. This may help the breeder make future decisions about breeding the sire (dad) and dam (mom) dogs again.

  1. You may want another puppy from that breeder.

I like to ensure that my relationship with my breeder is strongly established; if the breeder has been helpful and responsive and if my dog from that breeder has a solid temperament, I will strongly consider that breeder for the next puppy purchase. In addition, using a breeder who truly knows your lifestyle and desires for a dog (and not just what you wrote on a puppy purchase application) will enable the breeder to better select the correct puppy for you out of the litter. And, selfishly, I think the breeder may show some favoritism towards me based on my customer loyalty and our common love for dogs out of that breeding kennel!

If you’ve already lost touch with your breeder, reach out and send a few photos to get the conversation rolling. Don’t miss out on this wealth of knowledge.

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