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The Latest Technology Keeping Pets Safe and Happy

New Pet Owners  •   Amber Kingsley  •   May 01, 2017

Given the rapid growth of technology nowadays, our lives have been significantly changed over the last few decades. Tech-advances have constantly evolved and interacts with our everyday lives. This also includes involvement and interaction with our “kids, cats and dogs” in our everyday lives. One of the most significant advances we’ve seen lately comes with locating our beloved animals that may have become lost or stolen using today’s GPS technology.


Technology and Safety

But let’s transgress, back into the early 90’s, when microchips, like the ones offered by AKC Reunite, were put being placed inside our pets when it came to a more modern solution to finding them if they became lost or stolen. This was a way of replacing some of the more traditional methods that we were all accustomed to using if our dog or cat went astray. While flyers, word of mouth and other methods are still successful when it comes to tracking down a missing animal, technologically has stepped up to the plate when it comes to locating and tracking down our four-legged friends.

Over the years, recent microchip technology has been continuously updated and today it could eventually be replaced as it is being revamped with newest GPS tracking devices that can pinpoint the exact location of a pet down to just a few feet in many cases. With a tiny device, typically in a collar like with the Link AKC GPS collar you can track your best friend from almost anywhere at any time.


Technology and Fun

The majority of us have probably already seen some of those amazing new “fetch machines” that allow our pets to continue with this often-never-ending game of catch-and-return without our involvement, especially when we’re away from home. But this type of unsupervised activity might not be the best solution when we aren’t available for supervision and intervention since they could exhaust themselves without our knowledge.

Nowadays, our internet providers are now offering away-from-home security solutions that allow us to monitor our pets and children with built-in cameras and other devices to view areas of our house while we’re away from home. This gives us another way to help to protect our pets, keep them happy and safe when we can’t be by their side.

There’s also a growing wave of online providers and entertainment channels that are being designed specifically for animals to either relax, interact or in some other ways be at peace or placated while we’re not there. Some of us may leave on the TV or radio to comfort our pet while we’re away from home, but now we can tune them into today’s technology with programming that’s geared specifically towards their well-being.


Seeing Is Believing

With all of our smartphones always within arm's reach, and given the internet as an omnipresent place inside all of our lives, it only makes sense to use all of today’s technology to keep our pets safe. We can use different types of today’s technology to keep them safe and sound, warm and protected from harm, especially when we’re away from home.

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