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This Isn't How I Pictured It

New Pet Owners  •   Jasey Day  •   Feb 29, 2016

You are not alone. Facing the wonders and tribulations of new dog ownership can feel overwhelming! See the descriptions of experiences from my students! Can you relate to any of them?

"My puppy Sebastian has the attention span of a fly!"

"Amber barks at most noises, closing doors, someone moving a garbage container, and all people. Also, she barks at my shadow!"

"Belle LOVES guests and is so happy when they arrive that she runs around on all the furniture and sounds like she is so happy she may have a heart attack. Is this normal for her to freak out so much? Once she has finally calmed down a tad, she will get right next to them and try to lick them...with her tongue in an ear in a second. The licking turns into ear biting!"

"How do I get her to stop biting my fingers and pants legs?"  (See this post for the answer!

"I think we made a mistake. I saw that calm dog in class at the rescue facility and I guess we should have picked that dog instead!"

"Barclay's only biting problem seems to be more of a game of 'chase' or 'get your attention' by nipping our ankles. It's mostly the kids' (ankles), and thankfully mostly the pants, but sometimes skin!"

"We have tried many, many different types of toys, but I'm not sure how to keep her from constantly and loudly demanding walks every 10-15 minutes."

"My puppy doesn't listen to me - barely at all - no matter how hard I try...I've cried many, many evenings because sometimes I think I wasn't ready for this, but I love him to death."

"She has certainly improved loose leash walking lately, but when it comes to (seeing) other doggy friends in the neighborhood…or a few select neighbors, she cries like she is hurt and pulls herself flat and writhing to the ground."

"I don't go to the gym in the mornings anymore because I have been in a constant state of tired since we got Kylie 4 months ago."

"We often put off her baths because she becomes so defensive and snappy afterwards and especially because she sounds and acts like she is actually being physically tortured while it is happening...she is willing to get into the tub with cookies with it (the water) running VERY slightly.

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