Tips for Getting Pooches to Potty in the Rain

Behavior and Training  •   Maggie Dean  •   Apr 20, 2017

Your dog loves to go outside! Unless it’s raining… One look at gray skies and they’re high-tailing it to pee in the house. Whether it’s weather-induced anxiety, a fear of water, or a case of “Princess Paws”, try some of these tips to get them more comfortable with going potty in the rain.


Desensitize in a Drizzle. When you live where walking in the rain is unavoidable, it’s time to face their fears and get used to it. While it sounds harsh, going for a nice walk in a light mist or drizzle may make your dog forget that it’s raining and he/she hates it.


Protect those Princess Paws. If your dog’s issue with the rain is walking in the water itself, trying on a pair of booties might do the trick. They make a variety for both large and small dogs. If your dog is too particular for booties, you can make your own paw balm to give sensitive pads a subtler defense.


Try all Textures. Some dogs simply hate slippery, wet grass. When it’s raining, or has just rained, try to walk around the parking lot or sidewalks. Eliminating on wet pavement feels more secure under their little feet.


Cover up that Pup. Raincoats and hats for dogs are not only hilarious and adorable, but some dogs really enjoy wearing them in inclement weather! Keep a stash-able jacket on hand like this pack-away dog raincoat. If your dog vetoes the poncho, holding an umbrella over them works just as well. (Even if you get a little wet!)


Good luck in the spring showers! Share your rainy-day photos and stories with us on our Facebook!

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