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When You First Met: Tail Tales

New Pet Owners  •   AKC Pet Insurance  •   Oct 10, 2017

Getting a new dog is a huge decision. Once you pick your breed and breeder, how do you pick the newest member of your family? Or did they pick you! Everyone’s story is different! That’s why we asked our Facebook followers to “Tell us about the first time they met their dog.” Check out some of our favorites below and see if you’re ready for a new dog.


She came waddling over, with her tail wagging and started nibbling on my finger. We gave her a couple of nuggets of dog food and took it back out of her mouth to see if she'd bite or not. She did not. She's a nut. Keeps us laughing every day.

- Michelle R. (policyholder)


Well my old man Havoc, when i first saw this little brown fluff ball at 8 wks old with his big golden eyes, my heart melted. He was so shy, not like his brothers and sisters. I had to have him, he's the best pup! He follows me everywhere I go! Now our daisy bear, I've always wanted a Newfie. We found a breeder and drive out to meet them. They brought out 2 bear cub looking pups, all they wanted to do was run and play. Daisy stopped at us and just wagged her little butt and I couldn't live without her. She's our goofy monster child lol

- Suzi M. (policyholder)


The year was 2009. I was in search of a standard poodle. I finally contacted a breeder of show poodles 80 miles from home. We arrive and she has 3 babies left, a female and 2 males. Now, the breeder, being a professional handler, naturally wanted me to choose one of her best show puppies in the hopes she would help me show them and further her reputation. I just wanted a pet so I decided to sit on the floor with them. The 2 show males ignored me, but the little female walked right up and slapped me in the face and knocked my contact lense right out of my eye. I picked it up, rinsed it off and purchased the little female. This picture is her now. I do not show in breed but I do show in AKC and UKC Rally Obedience. She's my star and I love her so much!

- Jenn G. 


We went to the breeder to see the latest litter. I picked her up she cuddled into my arm, looked up at me a peed on me. I looked at my husband and said that’s it she picked me!

- Heidi O.


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