Pet Safety Handbook

Get them started off right.

Welcoming a new puppy into the home comes with a lot of responsibility. Help new puppy buyers get off to the right start by sending them home with this complimentary Pet Safety Handbook. This concise reference guide provides puppy buyers with some basic tips and tools to ensure a successful start to dog ownership.

Welcoming a new Puppy
Pet Safety Handbook

The Pet Safety Handbook includes information on:

  • Puppy Essentials
  • Health and Safety Tips
  • Common Toxins and Poisons
  • Grooming Tips
  • Vitals and First Aid
  • Emergency Contact information

How do I get my Pet Safety Handbooks?

If you are interested in sending your puppies home with a Pet Safety Handbook, you can contact your Breeder Support Specialist or use the form below to access a PDF version. One handbook will be provided for each of the puppies in your litter.

How do I get my Pet Safety Handbook
By including a handbook in each of your puppy packets, you can help ensure a safe transition into their new homes!

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