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Compare our Pet Insurance Plans

Compare the benefits of our pet insurance base plans side by side. Find out what is covered by each and get a quote for your dog or cat! Both insurance plans cover accidents, lab tests, X-rays, ultrasound and other diagnostics screenings, surgery and hospitalizations, prescription medications, and certain dental extractions on adult teeth. In comparison, accident and Illness plan coverage includes the previous services as well as common illnesses, cancer diagnosis, and treatments. For even more health and medical coverage for your pet, including dental cleanings and spay and neuter services, we offer add-on packages for routine wellness care, vet exam coverage, and more.

What's Covered CompanionSelect
Accident Coverage Only
Accident & Illness Coverage
Laboratory Tests
X-Rays, Ultrasound, MRI/CAT Scans
Prescribed Medications
Extractions of permanent teeth
Cancer Coverage

*see policy terms and conditions for complete coverage and exclusion details.