Pet Insurance Explained: Initial 30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage

As a breeder you work tirelessly to produce healthy and happy puppies for your buyers. Here at AKC Pet Insurance we want to support your puppies as they transition out of your care. The Initial 30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage is a feature of the AKC registration which offers protection for both you and your buyers if an incident occurs during the first 30 days while the puppy is exploring their new home.

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Puppies are adventurous, and it can be hard to protect them while they explore their new world. In fact, 1 in 3 pets need emergency veterinary treatment each year and a pet owner in the US is faced with a vet bill of more than $1,000 every 6 seconds. New pet owners tend to plan for costs such as wellness vet visits, food, toys, crates, and even training, but few plan for an accident or illness.

Why Do Puppy Buyers Need Pet Insurance?

Unfortunately, there are emergencies that puppy buyers commonly deal with, including foreign body ingestions, broken bones, upper respiratory infections, and more. Any pet can get injured, even with the most experienced responsible pet owner, so it is important that you as the breeder encourage your buyer to have pet insurance in case an incident does occur.

Pet insurance provides a safety net for both you and your buyer. When a new owner has insurance on their puppy, they are better able to get the best care without worrying about the cost of veterinary care. This reduces the chance of having a puppy returned to you by an unprepared puppy buyer.

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How Buyers Can Register Their New Puppy with AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Pet Insurance (underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company) can help you protect your puppy buyer with an Initial 30 Days of Coverage. It’s at no extra cost and is included in a puppy’s AKC registration, so it’s a great bonus for you to provide your buyers.

Once registered and activated, this policy can help provide accident and illness coverage for 30 days. While we hope they never have to utilize the coverage, if an accident or illness does occur, AKC Pet Insurance can help with some of the emergency veterinary expenses.

Accessing their coverage is simple. Once your buyer registers their new puppy, they can activate their Initial 30 Days of Coverage one of three ways: on the registration confirmation page which immediately generates after the puppy’s AKC registration is completed online, via the quote page on our website, or by calling our Customer Care team.

The Benefits of AKC Pet Insurance for New Puppy Owners

This coverage comes with set limits that are not customizable: $250 deductible, 80% reimbursement rate, and a $5,000 30-day maximum reimbursement limit. The coverage begins the day after activation and the policyholder is sent their policy documents to review either by postal mail or via email.

AKC Pet Insurance policies are reimbursement based, which allows owners to go to any licensed veterinarian of their choice with no need to worry about whether a vet is “in network”! Owners can even go to a licensed veterinarian in Puerto Rico or Canada if the policyholder’s home address is within the US.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

If an incident does occur, pet owners should go to the vet, request an itemized invoice, pay as usual, and then submit a claim. A claim can be submitted via customer portal, email, fax, or postal mail, and should include a completed claim form, the itemized invoice, and any medical records from the visit.

Both an Explanation of Benefits and any eligible reimbursement will be sent out after the claim has been processed and finalized. If you would like further details about the Initial 30 Days of Coverage, please reach out to our Breeder Support Team. The Breeder Support Team can also provide you with educational materials for your buyers at your request, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Please note this Initial 30 Days of Coverage is for accidents and illnesses and is provided through AKC Pet Insurance. It is not the same as the Vet Net Coupon that is also included with your puppies’ AKC registration. Please reach out to the American Kennel Club for further information on the Vet Net Coupon if you have additional questions.


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This customer had the Initial 30 Days of Coverage Policy with a deductible of $250, 80% reimbursement, and $5,000 30-day maximum reimbursement limit. Terms and Conditions apply, see Policy for details.

AKC Pet Insurance doesn’t just cover AKC puppies, we offer pet insurance plans for dogs of any age and all breeds as well as cat insurance!

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Every Dog and Cat Deserves the Pet Insurance of Champions

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*The AKC Pet Insurance Initial 30 Days of Coverage is administered by PetPartners, Inc. Not available in all states (including CA and WA) and available to U.S. residents. Eligibility restrictions apply. Activation required for coverage to take effect. Premium is deferred on initial 30 days of coverage. Visit or call 1-866-725-2747 for more information or to review terms and conditions.

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