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Dog & Cat Plans

Plans for any budget

Learn about our customizable levels and plan options to fit any budget

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Certificate Program

For new AKC Registrants

Learn more about our complimentary 30-day certificate and how to activate

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Optional Coverage

Choose the Optional Coverages that fit your needs

Exam Coverage

ExamCare adds coverage for the cost of your pet's exam to treat or diagnose a currently covered illness or injury outside of your annual wellness exam.

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Our wellness plans offer coverage for spaying/neutering, dental cleanings, vaccinations, flea and tick prevention and much more.

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Inherited & Congenital

InheritedPlus provides coverage for inherited and congenital illnesses, their secondary conditions, as well as diabetes and osteoarthritis.

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Pet vs Human Healthcare

They're the same thing right? Almost.

Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance in that it helps to pay for your pet's veterinarian or hospitalization bills. However, human insurance typically has a network of providers you are required to use, AKC Pet Insurance allows you to use any licensed veterinarian within the US or Canada. After visiting the vet, you simply submit a claim and receive prompt reimbursement according to your plan's terms and conditions.

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