Pet insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company*.

Every Dog Deserves
the Pet Insurance
of Champions

Did You Know?

Pet insurance has grown at an average annual rate of 20% over the past 5 years as consumers purchase it for the freedom to take care of their pet's health without concern about expenses. 1

Average emergency vet visit costs $800 to $1,500 2

1 in 3 pets need emergency care each year 3

1 The 2019 North American Pet Health Insurance Industry Report, National Association of Pet Health Insurance (NAPHIA), 2 “Are you prepared for a pet emergency?” CNBC, June 14, 2018 Are you prepared for a pet emergency? Most Americans are not (, 3 “Are you prepared for a pet emergency?” CNBC

Why AKC Pet Insurance?

Insurance policies underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, administered by PetPartners, Inc.

Trusted as the exclusive pet insurance partner of the American Kennel Club since 2003  

The American Kennel Club is the world’s largest and most highly regarded dog registry—dedicated to advancing canine health and well-being, responsible dog ownership and canine sports.

NEW Most Comprehensive Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

AKC Pet Insurance is the ONLY brand that offers the industry’s most comprehensive pre-existing condition coverage after a 12-month waiting period.

Award-Winning Pet Insurance

Voted one of America's BEST pet insurance companies by Forbes magazine4

24/7 veterinary support via phone and chat

Questions on whether your pet’s symptoms require a trip to the vet don’t always occur during regular veterinary office hours.

Manage your pet’s health and community

Gather all of your pet’s essential information in one place and learn more about dog-friendly businesses in your neighborhood.

Instant saving on your pet's medication

Get easy access to deals on brand-name and generic prescriptions for your fur buddy.

Exam Fee Coverage

Covers the cost of exam and office visit fees, even costly emergency and specialists’ visits.

Wellness Plan Options

Covers routine and preventative care, like vaccines, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, spay/neuter and dental cleanings.

Multi-Pet Discount

Receive a 5% discount when you enroll more than one pet (dogs or cats!).

Special AKC Discounts

Available for puppies that come from AKC Breeders of Merit and AKC Bred with HEART Breeders as well as AKC Canine Good Citizens.

No Veterinary Network

Keep your vet! Go to any licensed veterinarian in the US and Canada.

No Enrollment Fees

No upfront cost to sign up.

4 Forbes, Sept. 29, 2021, "America's Best Insurance Companies"

Start Creating Your Plan

How It Works


Pay Your Vet

Visit any licensed vet,
specialist or emergency
clinic and pay your bill.


File a Claim

Submit via mail, email, fax
or app–whatever is most
convenient for you.


Get Reimbursed

Eligible expenses are repaid
by check or direct deposit
into your bank account.


Select coverage options that meet your needs and budget.

Accident & Illness

Wellness care

Customizable deductible & coinsurance

Unlimited annual benefits

Our Customers Say It Best!

Customer Reviews

“We have unfortunately had several instances where we had to file fairly major claims for our dog with AKC Pet Insurance and each time they have been very quick with the claims process. When I’ve had questions about an issue their team has been very helpful in responding. I wasn’t sure about getting pet insurance to begin with but they certainly have made the experience worth the expense.”

John B. March 2021

“There is always someone to answer the phone. The voice at the other end of the line is helpful and encouraging. My dog had her leg amputated and the costs were enormous. If I didn't have AKC Pet Insurance it would be a huge problem. But I do have it. While it's taken longer than usual for payment received (Covid!), I really trust these folks. I highly recommend them.”

Margo Dean January 2021

“I had just bought the insurance 2 weeks before my dog was injured. They were very responsive and I was sent a check from them within a week of opening a claim with them. I has since filed 2 more claims and received a check for both of them. I highly recommend them!”

RS January 2021

“I can't say enough good things about AKC Pet Insurance! It was so easy to file a claim and when I had questions, they went above and beyond to make me feel at ease and give me "tips" to help the claim process move along. I wish my normal health insurance was this smooth. I will certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a good pet insurance company.”

Carla Croffut January 2021

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