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AKC Breeder Insurance

Whether you’re an experienced breeder or thinking about breeding for the first time, adding pet insurance that covers breeding costs to your AKC Pet Insurance Accident and Illness plan can help provide you with peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Breeder Benefits

Built with you in mind, we’re giving breeders what they really need. A few things people love about us:

  • Breeding Preparedness Icon

    Breeding Preparedness

    Prepare for unexpected accidents, illnesses, or complications of breeding, pregnancy, whelping, or nursing.

  • Emergency Coverage Icon

    Emergency Coverage

    Get coverage for emergency c-section, eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and more.

  • Flexible Plans Icon

    Flexible Plans

    Plans are flexible and affordable. No need to stay covered when you’re not breeding.

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How Does Breeder Insurance Work?

If you're a breeder with years of experience or just starting out, having pet insurance that includes coverage for breeding costs can be a great way to prepare for the unexpected. With an AKC Pet Insurance Accident and Illness plan (underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company), you can add breeding coverage to your policy and be protected against unforeseen accidents, illnesses, or complications that may arise during breeding, pregnancy, whelping, or nursing. Breeder Coverage can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you'll have financial assistance in case of an emergency.

  • Pay Your Vet

    Take your dog to any specialist, licensed vet, or emergency clinic. Once you’ve paid the bill, keep your itemized invoice.

  • File a Claim

    Fill out a claim form and submit it to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Get Reimbursed

    We’ll reimburse you for eligible expenses by check or direct deposit.

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What Does Breeder Insurance Cover?

  • Emergency C-section Icon

    Emergency C-section

    Life-saving surgical intervention for difficult pet births.

  • Mastitis Icon


    Inflammation of mammary glands, typically in nursing animals.

  • Gestational Diabetes Icon

    Gestational Diabetes

    High blood sugar levels during pet pregnancy.

  • Eclampsia


    Dangerous condition causing seizures in lactating animals.

  • Dystocia Icon


    Difficult or prolonged labor in animals.

  • Pyometra Icon


    Serious infection of the uterus in female pets.

What’s Not Covered

  • Routine, preventative, or elective procedures

  • Planned C-sections

Breeder Rewards & Discounts

Receive discounts on full-term pet insurance policies for your personal pets.

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Questions About Breeder Benefits/Coverage? We Have Answers!

Is the Initial 30-Day Offer of Pet Insurance Coverage available in all states?

The Initial 30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage* is available in all states, excluding CA and WA.

Do the puppies automatically have coverage when they register with the AKC?

No, the puppy buyers must activate their Initial 30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage with us within 28 days of registering with the AKC.

What if my puppy buyers want more coverage?

If your puppy buyers want additional coverage, they can enroll in a custom policy instead of the Initial 30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage, or they can continue on to a custom policy effective at the end of the initial 30 days.

How much does continuous coverage cost?

The cost of a full-term policy varies because pet owners can customize a plan to best suit their budget and needs. The policy premiums vary based on pet age, breed, and geographic location. The deductible, policy limits, and available upgrades will also change the overall cost.

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