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Pet Insurance for
Pre-Existing Conditions

Don't let pre-existing conditions stand in the way of your pet's health. AKC Pet Insurance offers coverage for pre-existing conditions to ensure that your furry friend gets the care they need*.

Why Choose AKC Pet Insurance?

Most pet insurance providers exclude pre-existing conditions, denying coverage for injuries or illnesses that occur before a policy. AKC Pet Insurance is the ONLY brand that offers coverage for curable and incurable pre-existing conditions* after 365 days of continuous coverage.

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What is Considered a Pre-Existing Condition?

Common Illnesses:

· Cancer

· Cruciate ligament illness***

· Allergies

· Dermatitis

· Cherry eye

· Chronic ear infections

· Conjunctivitis

· Colitis


 Hereditary Conditions**:

· Hip & Elbow dysplasia

· IVDD***

· Hypothyroidism

· Heart disease

· Diabetes

· Cushing’s disease

· Addison’s disease

· Elevated liver enzymes

· Arthritis

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Insurance Plan Coverage
Offers Pre-Existing Condition Coverage
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Tips for Owners of Pets with Pre-Existing Conditions

  1. Enroll in coverage as soon as you can, since younger pets are less likely to have a pre-existing condition.

  2. Keep up with vaccinations and regular vet visits.

  3. Avoid gaps in coverage.

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What Is an Incurable Condition?

An “incurable” or chronic condition is one that recurs or lasts for a significant amount of time, such as joint deterioration, hip dysplasia, or cruciate ligament tear. Other pet insurance companies do not cover these conditions if they happened prior to coverage or during a waiting period. However, with AKC Pet Insurance, these issues are covered after 365 days of continuous coverage.

What Are the Other Benefits of an AKC Pet Insurance Plan?

Aside from AKC Pet Insurance’s base Accident and Illness Plan for cats and dogs, you can easily customize your plan with add-on coverage options at an additional cost, such as:

-          Wellness Options

-          Exam Coverage

-          Hereditary Condition Coverage

-          Breeding Coverage

-          Final Respects Coverage

Also, AKC Pet Insurance is available in all 50 states, and you can visit any licensed vet or clinic in the U.S. or Canada and submit a claim.

Your premium can be paid each month, or you can make an annual payment, if you prefer. We also offer a 5% discount on premiums if you have 2 more pets on your policy****.

*Not available in all states. Pre-existing condition coverage available after 365 days of continuous coverage. “Only brand“ refers to comparison with 5 pet insurance carriers making up approximately 80% of the US pet insurance market (Nationwide, ASPCA, Trupanion, HealthyPaws and PetPlan).
**Please note: all custom add-ons are provided at an additional cost.
***After 180 days of continuous coverage.
****Not available in all states. New and current policyholders may receive a 5% multi-pet discount if they get coverage for more than one pet or add an additional pet to an existing policy.

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