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Real Cases Pulled From Our Files

Thanks to amazing advances in veterinary medicine, treatment by veterinarians for your pet's accidents or illnesses is more successful today - but often at a high cost. Read about some of our real cases below. AKC Pet Insurance helps prepare you for the unexpected.

Our great pet health insurance coverage allows you to:

  • Focus on your veterinarian's recommendations about diagnostic tests or treatment
  • Avoid agonizing over the costs of veterinary treatment and what may or may not be affordable
  • Feel prepared for any pet health issue that might arise
  • Be free of worry over extending your credit card or loan debts for a serious accident or illness.
Why leave things to chance?

When Pet Insurance Makes a Difference!

Tallulah's Miracle: A Healthy Rebound from an Uncommon Disease

Total Paid: $5,000.00

A one year old Havanese suddenly started stumbling around like a drunk. Within 24 hours, she could not walk, or stand up straight. Extensive tests including a MRI revealed that Tallulah had a central nervous system disease, called Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME). This rare and little known disease is often fatal. Tallulah was started on an extensive course of chemotherapy and other medications, lasting for more than a year. Her anxious owner administered the shots and coped with the emotional roller coaster of her young dog's health. Today, Tallulah is off the drugs and 'doing just fine', thanks to the wonderful treatment by her veterinarian and his staff. Her owner Beverly is grateful for all their help and for having had the foresight to enroll Tallulah in the AKC plan when she was a young puppy.

Pain killers and chocolate lead to hospital for the holidays

Total Paid: $1,130.00

One December day in 2007, just before the holidays, a bottle of Tylenol was no match for Cocoa, a Labrador Retriever. She decided to treat herself on her 3rd birthday to a feast of pills and chocolate candies. Luckily her owners caught her unwise 'dietary indiscretion' in time. The emergency animal hospital performed wonders to save her life. Cocoa's AKC pet health insurance plan proved to be a wise investment, saving her owners from a financial headache and delivering further joy after the holidays, in the form of a check.

A meal of string leads to operating table and a large bill

Total Paid: $5,000.00

A package tied up with string is no longer a favorite thing for the owners of Stella, a Doberman Pinscher. Her unplanned meal of string that lead to surgery and hospitalization could have tied their checking account in knots. However, the $5,000 reimbursement from their AKC plan was a very welcome sight in the mailbox.

Hand warmer proves not such a handy snack

Total Paid: $1,424.00

A hand warmer swallowed by Gipper, a Golden Retriever, caused his anxious owners to reach deep down into their pockets to pay the clinic for his urgent treatment. The check from Gipper's AKC Pet Insurance plan helped to cool things down!