Get to Know AKC Pet Insurance Spokesperson Dr. Jennifer Sperry

| Dr. Jennifer Sperry

Learn more about veterinarian and spokesperson for AKC Pet Insurance, Dr. Jennifer Sperry.

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After 12+ years serving pet owners in clinical environments as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Jennifer Sperry became a veterinary advisor. She assists AKC Pet Insurance by providing scientific insights and medical updates; and by sharing the perspectives and experiences of veterinary professionals in the trenches.

Dr. Sperry recognized an urgent need to spread awareness about financial tools that allow people to access vital but costly veterinary care. As a veterinarian practicing in general and emergency medicine for more than a decade, she has a unique understanding of the needs of pets and their people. She witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be for pet owners to both predict and overcome the cost of quality veterinary care. She also experienced how difficult it can be for veterinary team members to share the emotional burden that occurs when financial limitations adversely impact the wellbeing of pets and their owners.

Since joining the team in 2020, Dr. Sperry has shared her medical experience for internal and external educational events, claims and underwriting process improvements, and even accessible policy wording.

Dr. Sperry shares her home with her husband, two young boys, and a mischievous young whippet. When she’s not working, she can be found beside the nearest campfire.

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