Breeder Spotlight: Dr. Lori Hunt’s French Bulldogs d’Assisi

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French Bulldogs d’Assisi takes pride in its rigorous health testing and dogs’ success in conformations, sporting events, and more! Dr. Hunt’s Frenchies are prime examples of how great this breed can be!

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In honor of French Bulldogs being named the #1 dog in America by the AKC, we’re highlighting a French Bulldog breeder that exceeds the standards for ethical and responsible breeding! French Bulldogs d’Assisi is run by Dr. Lori Hunt who has more than 20 years of experience with French Bulldogs. She has served on the Board of Directors for the French Bulldog Club of America and become a licensed AKC judge of the breed in the US and abroad.

The Accomplishments of Dr. Hunt and the French Bulldogs d’Assisi

Dr. Hunt has bred, owned, or handled 43 dogs to championships, and 10 to Grand Championships. Over 25 French Bulldogs from her lines have performance titles, and many of her dogs participate in obedience, rally, barn hunt, agility, and FastCat competitions! Well-bred French Bulldogs are more than capable of participating in a wide variety of activities, and the dogs of French Bulldogs d’Assisi prove that time and time again.

Dr. Hunt still remembers the challenges and thrills of raising her first litter of Frenchies. She takes pride in the accomplishments of her dogs including her first Bred-By-Exhibitor champion, Eddy as well as the work she put into finishing first show dog, Alyce.

In 2007, Dr. Hunt’s foundation French Bulldog, Hank, became the first French Bulldog to receive the designation ‘Champion of Health’ from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Since then, his granddaughter, great granddaughter, and other dogs of his line have received the same designation. Other notable accomplishments of her dogs include over 20 Register of Merit dogs, two gold-level Versatility of Merit dogs, a dog that was the youngest and first female Frenchie to receive a Master Agility Champion designation, and many more.

The Ethical Responsibility of Health Testing French Bulldog Puppies

As an AKC Breeder of Merit and a veterinarian, Dr. Hunt is dedicated to the health and well-being of this lovable and popular breed. All her dogs are health tested through Cystinuria DNA testing, Tracheal Hypoplasia OFA testing, Juvenile Cataracts DNA testing, and testing for Degenerative Myelopathy (DCM). They also receive radiographs of hips, spines, and patellas; eye exams; BAER hearing testing; and echocardiograms. Dr. Hunt is nothing if not thorough, and strongly believes in bettering the breed and using health testing in addition to temperament, type, and other attributes to produce the healthiest puppies possible.

Dr. Hunt fell in love with the French Bulldog’s compact, muscular bodies, small size, and, “eyes that can look into your soul.” Her dogs are bred to the standards set by the French Bulldog Club of America, and countless hours of thought and work to make sure they pass on the healthiest genes to the next generation. Dr. Hunt has also written pieces focusing on anesthesia protocol and health testing to further the knowledge of French Bulldogs in veterinary medicine and beyond.

How to Start Breeding French Bulldogs

For any breeders looking to get started in French Bulldogs, Dr. Hunt advises you “Find a good mentor. Someone who’s willing to sell you a nice show dog and mentor you through handling and health testing and help you understand how to read pedigrees and match them up well with your dog.” As dog lovers, we appreciate Dr. Hunt’s devotion to keeping the French Bulldog breed healthy while meeting breed standards so more Americans can love these adorable dogs.

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