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Finding A Pet Friendly Rental

New Pet Owners  •   Mary Shaughney  •   Mar 14, 2018

It’s been reported that approximately 70% of tenants in rental properties own pets. When their lease expires, and they want to move into another property, the difficulty of renting with dogs quickly becomes apparent. About 2/3 of urban pet owners have difficulty finding rental properties that are pet friendly.

What to Expect When Applying for a Rental

Learn about the process for Fido to apply. While some landlords only require a signed pet agreement and some form of deposit, the requirements for dogs have grown significantly in many urban areas.

Many landlords have restrictions including size, age, breed, and the number of animals that you own. Proof that your pet is within these restrictions can range from a note from your veterinarian to an in-person meeting between your potential landlord and your pup. Most landlords require that you have your own renter’s insurance to cover any liability issues.

Consider creating a canine resume for your dog to pass along to your landlord. This piece of paper should include pertinent information such as vaccination records, your length of ownership, and the dog’s level of training. Proving that your pup has completed some form of organized training class can be extremely helpful in swaying a landlord’s mind. References from previous landlords can help, too!

Many landlords are looking for specific certifications proving that your dog will behave himself both in your apartment and in common areas. The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen award is becoming a necessity in some cities when it comes to impressing a co-op board.

Apartment Friendly Fido

You want a dog, you’ve gotten the go-ahead from your landlord and you paid any required pet deposit. Is there a better breed than another? How do you know what dog to choose? To start, know the restrictions provided by your landlord regarding size, age, and breed. How large is the property? Will you have a fenced-in back yard?

Matching a dog with your life style is extremely important for a happy pet, owner and landlord. The American Kennel Club has a helpful breed selector tool for choosing a breed that would best fit into your new home.

Crate training can be a good option for dogs that tend to become destructive when left alone. Hire a pet sitter to let your pet out or to walk your dog if you’ll be gone during the day. Being attentive to the energy level and nature of your pet can help reduce poor behavior that will have your landlord angrily knocking on your door.

Set a Good Example

By keeping a respectful dog in your rental property, you’ll help convince other landlords that pet friendly is the way to go. As an added bonus, getting a positive reference from your landlord for future rental properties can go a long way in ensuring you can live with your pet exactly where you want!

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