The Road to AKC Full Recognition

| Mary Bays

AKC Pet Insurance would like to welcome the two newest breeds to be fully recognized by the AKC: the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen!


AKC Pet Insurance would like to welcome the two newest breeds to be fully recognized by the AKC: the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen (GBGV)! Both breeds were first recorded by the Foundation Stock Service in 2004. It is a long road to being fully recognized by the AKC and we congratulate you both on the achievement! 

Newest Members The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen (GBGV) originated in France where they hunted rabbits through rough terrain. GBGV’s are rough-coated scent hounds, weighing around 40-45 pounds with short legs and a long tail. They are active dogs who like to stay busy, and their sociable nature makes them great for group activities with other dogs. The first GBGV’s came to the United States in 1990, but their happy nature and intense work ethic has led many in the US to fall in love with the breed! The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a friendly spaniel-type dog with an autumn colored brown and white coat of medium length. These dogs are very intelligent and require attention and training to remain happy in their environment. The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje’s long history of duck hunting in Europe led to its inclusion in the sporting group. 

The Journey to Full Recognition: 

The Foundation Stock Service 

Breeds who want to be fully recognized start the journey when recorded with an accepted registry such as the AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS). The FSS records breeds that are not yet eligible to be fully recognized but are taking the steps to move forward in the process. The FSS is responsible for maintaining pedigrees, ownership records and the studbook. Breed clubs interested in being recorded must send in documentation that includes a history of the breed, a request for admittance into the FSS, a breed standard, and photographs of dogs and puppies. 

The Miscellaneous Class 

The AKC requires that a breed meet certain criteria before it can be fully recognized. When the AKC has decided that the breed has several generations of consistent offspring and thorough documentation, the breed club sets its sights on the next step in the process, the Miscellaneous class. Criteria for this class include a minimum of 100 active members in the breed (forming a National Breed Club) and a minimum of 300 dogs in the country with a three-generation pedigree. Dogs must be located in 20 or more states, and the AKC give their approval of the club’s breed standard and constitution. In the Miscellaneous class, recorded breeds compete in AKC companion and performance events, as well as traditional dog shows (without the opportunity to earn championship points). 

Full Recognition 

Breed clubs hold shows, judges’ workshops and breed seminars during their time in the Miscellaneous Class. The national breed club will update the AKC with the number of dogs and litters recorded, as well as the number of dogs entering events. When all criteria has been met, the AKC Board of Directors will vote on the breed’s full recognition. 


Once recognized, the breed will enter the AKC Stud Book, and dogs are eligible for AKC registration and participation in AKC sports in which qualified. Congratulations to the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen and Nederlandse Kooikerhondje on their great accomplishment!

Mary Bays

Mary comes to AKC Pet Insurance with an extensive background in animal care. As a lifelong animal lover, she has a passion for promoting pet health and wellness. Mary lives in Kentucky with her orange kitty, "Cat" and her dog, " Wubbi".


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