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The Truth About Getting Two Puppies at Once

New Pet Owners  •   Jasey Day  •   Feb 22, 2017

Is getting two puppies at the same time do-able? YES! Is it for everyone? No. Read below for more information on what getting two puppies enTAILS. With two young pups at once, some things are easier and some things require more effort.

What’s great about raising two puppies at once?

  1. If you get two puppies at once, you’ll reap the benefits of having the dogs play with each other and burn off a lot of that puppy energy in your own home. This takes some of the pressure off of you to play an hour of tug-of-war every day (or however you choose to burn off some of that energy) and to be the only main source of entertainment for your puppy.
  2. Some folks also like having a multiple-canine (not necessarily the same age) household because the dogs are not “home alone” when the humans are gone – the dogs have each other for companionship and cuddling while the humans are away. However, young dogs will need to be crated separately so they won’t be loose home together for approximately a year or more. (Read here for how to home-alone train your young or new dog.)
  3. The cuteness factor at least doubles. You will have a ridiculous number of pictures and videos of your beautiful, loving family.


What special things need to be done or considered when you get two puppies at once?

  1. You’ll have to train the dogs separately (while the other puppy is crated in another room) and also together. The dogs will need to learn the skills one-on-one with you before you can incorporate the distraction of having their other best buddy around. You will already be in training mode with your training mindset and dog treats or kibble ready, so swapping out puppies during a training session might work out just fine for you!
  2. You’ll need to ensure that the dogs still bond with you (and with other family members) and not just with each other. You can accomplish this by taking the pups to separate dog training classes, taking them on separate walks (and then also walking them together), and by doing the separate training sessions in your home.
  3. You need to ensure that the dogs still learn how to be apart from the other puppy so they do not develop pup-pup separation issues. You’ll do this by sometimes leaving one puppy home alone (while you take the other puppy out and about or to doggie day camp) and by crating the dogs in separate crates and sometimes in separate rooms. The dogs need to learn that life is okay even when the other pup is not around.
  4. You’ll still need to socialize your puppies to other dogs and new environments. You can’t get lazy about exposing your puppies to the world just because the inside of your own home offers so much entertainment. Read this blog about socializing your puppy.
  5. Having two puppies will of course approximately double the cost of regular puppy bills – food, grooming, veterinary costs, toys, dog training, doggie day camp, etc.
  6. Enroll both your puppies in pet insurance as soon as possible to avoid pre-existing conditions and ensure your're able to afford vet bills for unexpected accidents and illnesses. WIth our multi-pet discount, you can save even more on pet health! 


If you do want to get two youngsters at approximately the same time, those pups could be different breeds and do not have to be from the same litter.  Some people choose to get one puppy, get a handle on house training and other skills, and then get another puppy a few months later.

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