Pet insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company
Now no waiting periods for accident and illness coverage!*
Initial 30 Days of
Pet Insurance Coverage

*Not yet available in all states. For complete details,
refer to

Send your puppy to their new home with extra peace of mind

Active, curious puppies can get into mischief while exploring and adjusting to their new home. We've improved our initial 30 days of coverage with no incident limits and higher reimbursement for even more protection for your puppies. With this enhanced offer, your puppy buyer can rest assured their new furry friend is covered in case of unexpected injuries or illnesses. Simply encourage your buyers to complete their AKC registration and activate the initial 30 days of pet insurance policy. No credit card or commitment required to activate.

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What's Covered?

Examples of common covered conditions include:

GI Upset Icon
GI Upset
Lacerations Icon
Ear Infection Icon
Ear Infection
Foreign body ingestion Icon
Foreign Body Ingestion
Broken Bones Icon
Broken Bones
Cherry Eye Icon
Cherry Eye

X-ray and Ultrasound Icon
X-Ray & Ultrasound
Perscription Medications Icon
Prescription Medications
Laboratory Tests Icon
Laboratory Tests
Hospitalization Icon
CT Scan and MRI Icon
CT Scan & MRI
Surgery Icon
Step 1 Register


Register your litter with the American Kennel Club.
Step 2 Inform


Ensure new owners know about the offer of 30 days of pet insurance coverage that is included with AKC registration.
Step 3 Encourage


Advise puppy buyers to activate their 30-day pet insurance coverage.

Important Information for Puppy Buyers

Pass this information along to your puppy buyers to ensure they take advantage of the 30 days of pet insurance coverage.

  • Green Checkmark
    Puppies must be registered with the AKC in the new owner's name prior to activation.
  • Green Checkmark
    Activation through AKC Pet Insurance is required for use.
  • Green Checkmark
    New owners have 28 days from the date of registration to activate their 30 days of coverage.
  • Green Checkmark
    Policy automatically expires 30 days after activation.
See Terms and Conditions

The AKC Pet Insurance initial 30 days of accident and illness coverage is administered by PetPartners, Inc. Not available in all states and only available to U.S. residents. Eligibility restrictions apply. Activation required for coverage to take effect. Premium is deferred on initial 30 days of coverage.