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Breeder Support Program

AKC Pet Insurance, provided by PetPartners, is the exclusive pet insurance provider of the American Kennel Club. We give you the peace of mind that you deserve and the quality coverage that your pets need. Your pets are our family!

Breeder Support Program

  • What is the AKC Pet Insurance Breeder Support Program?

    The AKC Breeder Support Program was developed to help breeders navigate the insurance options that are available for their puppies and their new owners. We want to partner with breeders to help ensure their puppies get off to a healthy start as they transition into their new homes. We also want to help breeders educate new puppy buyers on the importance of quality healthcare for their puppies.

  • How do I participate in the Breeder Support Program?

    When you register your litters with the AKC you are automatically eligible to participate in the Breeder Support Program. There is no cost to join and there are no minimum requirements. You can contact our Breeder Support Specialist to learn more about the program or to request additional information.

  • What do I get for being a participating breeder?

    Most importantly, participating in our breeder program and utilizing the 30-Day Certificate of Pet Insurance helps ensure your puppies will get off to a healthy start and shows potential puppy buyers that you care about the health and well-being of your puppies.

30-Day Certificate

  • What is the 30-Day Certificate?

    The 30-Day Certificate is a benefit included with AKC registration that provides accident and illnes insurance coverage.

  • What is the difference between the 30-Day Certificate of Pet Insurance and the AKC VetNet Certificate Program?

    The 30-day Certificate of Pet Insurance is offered by AKC Pet Insurance and provides puppy buyers with 30 days of pet insurance at no additional cost. The AKC Veterinary Network Certificate Program is supplied by the American Kennel Club and provides a complimentary first office visit with a participating VetNet veterinarian within the first 60 days of registration. For more information on the AKC Veterinary Network Program you can visit. Visit AKC Veterinary Network to learn more.

  • Is the certificate provided by the AKC?

    No. The certificate is a benefit of AKC registration, however it is not provided by the AKC. The coverage is provided by PetPartners, Inc. PetPartners is a pet insurance company that is separate from the AKC but serves as their exclusive pet insurance provider.

  • Does the certificate cost anything?

    No. The certificate is at no cost to you or your puppy buyer. It is included with AKC registration. There is no credit card or commitment required to activate and the policy will automatically expire 30 days after activation.

  • How do I give it to my puppy buyers?

    When your registered litter turns 6 weeks old, you will receive an email from AKC Pet Insurance alerting you that the certificate activation forms are available for download. The email contains a link that will take you to your Breeder Portal, where you can print or email the certificate activation forms to your puppy buyers. You can print as many forms as you need for the puppies in your litter.

  • Are the activation forms required to get the insurance?

    No. The forms are not needed to activate the policy. The forms serve as a good reminder to complete their AKC registration and give instructions on how to activate the policy. If the new owner registers with the AKC, they can activate the coverage.

  • Are there any advantages for puppy buyers going from the 30-Day Certificate to a full-term policy?

    Yes. If a pet owner chooses continued coverage after the 30-Day Certificate, the wait periods for the full-term policy will be waived and they will be able to use their insurance immediately. Also, if any claims were filed under the 30-Day Certificate and the puppy buyer has no lapse in coverage (goes directly from 30-Day Certificate to full term policy), those conditions will not be considered pre-existing and would be eligible for future coverage. If there is a lapse in coverage between the 30-Day Certificate and a full-term policy, those conditions would be considered pre-existing and would not be eligible for coverage.


  • What does the certificate cover?

    It provides coverage for a variety of accidents and illnesses that can occur in a young puppy and would cover the diagnostics, treatment, hospitalization, surgery and medications. The certificate does not cover any wellness or preventative care.

  • Are there set coverage limits?

    Yes. The certificate is a small sample plan that comes with set coverage limits. There is a one-time deductible and a $500 per incident limit. All plans are subject to 20% coinsurance.

  • Are there wait periods?

    Yes. The certificate has short wait periods that must be satisfied prior to coverage taking affect. Wait periods are 1 day for accident and 5 day for illness.

  • Are there any exclusions?

    Yes. Just like all insurance policies, there are a few exclusions. Exclusions include: symptoms arising from parasites, any diagnosis or symptoms that were pre-existing prior to the policy, congenital and inherited conditions, wellness and vaccines.

  • Is the certificate available in all states?

    We would like for puppies in all states to have the opportunity to utilize our 30-Day Certificate. Unfortunately, the insurance laws in the state of California do not allow us to offer it to puppies who will be residing within the state. If the puppy will be living in a state other than California, they are eligible to use the certificate benefits.

  • How old do puppies have to be to get coverage?

    Puppies have to be 8 weeks old or older in order to be eligible for coverage under the 30-Day Certificate.

  • Do the puppies automatically have coverage when they register with the AKC?

    No, the puppy buyers must activate their certificate with us within 28 days of registering with the AKC.

  • What if my puppy buyers want more coverage?

    If your puppy buyers want more comprehensive coverage from day one, they can choose to forgo the certificate and enroll in a full-term policy. When activating the certificate, they can also enroll in a full-term policy to become effective at the expiration of the certificate to ensure there are no gaps in coverage.

  • How much does continuous coverage cost?

    The costs of our full-term policies vary due to the fact that pet owners can customize a plan to best suit their budget and needs - not paying for unnecessary or unwanted coverage. The policies can range anywhere from $10 per month and up depending on the coverage and limits they choose.

  • Are there any discounts available to my puppy buyers if they choose continuous coverage?

    Yes. We offer discounts to puppy buyers who purchase a puppy from breeders who participate in a number of AKC programs. We want to reward breeders who are dedicated to advancing the health and quality of their breed by providing discounts for puppies from Breeders of Merit and Bred with HEART breeders. Contact our Breeder Support Specialist for more information.


  • What if my puppy buyers forget to activate?

    If your puppy buyer forgets to activate, we will remind them of the benefit with an email one day after registration. They will also see information on the benefit in their registration packet that they receive in the mail. Puppy buyers have 28 days from the day of registration to activate and the 30 days does not begin until the policy has been activated.

  • Can I activate it for my puppy buyers?

    Only the puppy buyer should activate the certificate once they’ve registered the new puppy in their name with the AKC.

  • What do my puppy buyers have do?

    All your puppy buyers have to do is complete their AKC registration and activate the policy. Puppy buyers can activate by visiting our website and clicking the "Activate Certificate" button. They can also activate by calling our support specialists at 866-725-2747. Activation only takes a couple minutes and there is no credit card or commitment required. Puppy buyers have 28 days from the day of registration to activate and the 30 days does not begin until the policy has been activated.

Need More Information?

Breeders can contact our Breeder Support Specialist at or (919) 926-2740.