Pet insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company*.

30-Day Pet Insurance Coverage

A benefit of AKC registration

Your AKC registration includes an offer of a pet health insurance policy, underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, which includes 30 days of coverage at no additional cost to you. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have coverage for certain unforeseen accidents and illnesses that can occur as your new dog transitions into their new home. There is no commitment required and the policy will automatically expire 30 days after activation. Simply activate your policy for coverage to take effect.

Coverage for Accident, Illness and Injuries

Examples of Eligible Expenses Examples of Eligible Conditions
Emergency care Broken bones
Prescription medication Ear infections
Lab tests Toxin ingestion
X-rays & Ultrasounds Cuts & Abrasions
Hospitalization GI upset
Surgical procedures Foreign body ingestion

Note: These are examples of veterinary expenses and conditions that are eligible for coverage under the policy. This is not a comprehensive list of expenses and conditions that are eligible for coverage under the policy. All claims are reviewed and processed according to the terms and conditions of the policy. Exclusions and Limitations apply. For details go to

Policy Details

Policy Limits Waiting Periods
Deductible $100 1-day for accidents
Incident Limit $500 5 days for illness
Term Limit Unlimited
Coinsurance 20%

Claim reimbursement is subject to the limits and waiting periods of the policy.

Activate 30-Day Coverage

Continued Coverage

Continue coverage beyond the 30 days and enroll in an annual plan. Avoid new waiting periods and pre-existing conditions by enrolling in an annual policy prior to the expiration of your 30-day coverage. You can also choose to forgo your 30-day coverage and enroll in a more robust plan from day one. Start building your custom plan and get a quote today.