What is Inherited Coverage?

Expand your coverage by adding InheritedPlus to your base plan. Get coverage for congenital and hereditary conditions not covered under the base plan like arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. This coverage must be added before your pet turns 2 years old so don’t wait!

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What's Covered?

Congenital conditions refer to an illness, disease or condition that was present at or before the date of birth. Inherited conditions refer to the presence of an illness or condition that is determined by genetic factors. Some sample conditions that are covered include:

Heart Disease Icon
Heart Disease
Hip Dysplasia Icon
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia Icon
Elbow Dysplasia
Diabetes Icon
Arthritis Icon
Luxating Patella Icon
Luxating Patella

X-ray and Ultrasound Icon
X-Ray & Ultrasound
Perscription Medications Icon
Prescription Medications
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Laboratory Tests
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CT Scan & MRI
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Things to Know

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    Must enroll before 2 years old
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    Covers diagnostics and treatments
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    Extended wait periods may apply
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    Pre-existing conditions excluded
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    Policy automatically renews annually