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6 Ways Pet Insurance Can Help Keep Your Puppy Healthy

Pet Insurance  •   AKC Pet Insurance  •   Oct 14, 2020

So, you’re welcoming home a new puppy. You’ve picked out a name, dog-proofed your home, and purchased all the necessities. Did you remember to ask your veterinarian about pet insurance? It may sound silly to purchase insurance for a young, healthy dog, but buying a policy early could mean saving thousands of dollars over their lifetime. Purchasing sooner rather than later makes sense for both your wallet and your dog’s well-being. 

Here are just six reasons to consider purchasing a pet insurance policy for your puppy. 

Coverage for Accidents and Injuries

Curiosity killed the cat, and it often means hefty medical bills for dog owners. Accident and injury coverage can help you cover costs associated with mishaps like broken bones, insect bites, and even toxin ingestion. Pet insurance won’t stop your puppy from getting into trouble, but it can make that trouble a lot less expensive.

Coverage for Illnesses

From temporary infections to more serious conditions like cancer, a dog may contract a number of illnesses throughout their lifetime. The costs associated with diagnosing and treating them can add up fast. From hospitalization to prescription drugs and even alternative therapies like acupuncture, choosing accident and illness coverage helps ensure you never have to make a tough decision about providing the right care. 

Coverage for Exam Fees

The cost of walking in the door at many veterinary offices can often end up being a third of your vet bill! Pet insurance policyholders can save on exam fees when visiting specialists, as well as their dog’s primary veterinarian. 

Coverage for Preventative Services

In many respects, providing for your puppy’s health and happiness is a preventative effort. Vaccinating pets against rabies, obtaining flea and tick medication, and paying for regular dental cleanings can help avoid additional costs in the long run. Choosing a policy with wellness coverage can help you plan ahead for your pet’s health. 

Coverage for Congenital and Hereditary Diseases

For many pet parents, issues like arthritis or hip and elbow dysplasia come as an unwelcome surprise. Though pet insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions, the right coverage can make it easier to afford to treat inherited and congenital conditions that may arise.

More Than Pet Insurance

At AKC Pet Insurance, policyholders not only enjoy coverage that helps them to afford the ups and downs of life with a dog, but also are provided with tools to make pet ownership easier. The 24/7 Vet Helpline gives dog owners the ability to get their pet health questions answered any time, day or night. Access to the TailTrax app ensures dog owners can manage their dog’s veterinary records and health, connect with other dog owners and professionals in their community, and easily access their pet insurance documents.

Learn More About Pet Insurance 

Still not convinced? Learn more about the pet insurance plans available in your area. Enrolling in pet insurance while your dog is young can provide peace-of-mind throughout your dog’s lifetime.

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