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8 Great Dates with Your Dog

New Pet Owners  •   Jasey Day  •   Oct 26, 2018


“If you need a friend, get a dog” is a famous 1980’s movie quote. Not only do dogs make amazing friends, but they also make fabulous dates! See below for a list of tail-wagging outing ideas for you and your bestie hound:

  1. Hike.

    Enjoy some fresh air and exercise! Check out for hikes near where you live or near your vacation spot. Or, have the best of home and away by bringing your dog on an RV trip with you!! If there isn’t a lot of hiking near you, perhaps a greenway or other walking route will be ideal for your treading time.
  2. Eat or drink.

    Go out for coffee, a meal, ice cream or for a drink at a brewery or pub with outdoor seating. Check out BringFido for a list of dog friendly places in your area.
  3. Create a dog club.

    Dog club is sort of like “book club” but you don’t have to read a book first! Invite your friends with dogs over to your house for an evening of dog and human socialization! This gathering can become a regular social event and you can rotate houses or locations if you wish. Many dog owners want more opportunities to socialize with their friends while still spending time with their beloved canines. Your “dog club” could entail food and beverages for the humans or just chatting. Keep in mind that your dog would likely enjoy spending time with another hound of his own “speed;” if your dog prefers co-existing and relaxing, find friends with mellow dogs. If your dog wants wrestle-mania, ensure your friends’ dogs enjoy the same play-style. If needed, keep the dogs on a leash at first or do some parallel walking to acclimate the dogs if they are not already buddies. Read this blog to refine your dog body language reading skills.
  4. Attend an outdoor movie, concert or ball game.

    Perhaps your local art museum offers outdoor movies and picnicking opportunities to which hounds are welcome! Some outdoor symphonies also allow your dogs to join you on your blanket for a night of music. Some sports teams offer a “bark in the park” night in which dogs are welcome in a certain section and special dog demonstrations are given at the event! There are likely even more dog friendly events in your area.
  5. Have a pooch picnic.

    Pack a basket of goodies or grab sandwiches from a sub-shop and head to the local park for a picnic! Preparation for your picnic can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Don’t forget to bring some goodies for your pooch, a beloved dog toy or chew toy and perhaps even a good book if your dog loves to snuggle on the picnic blanket while you read.
  6. Stroll on the beach.

    Enjoy walking on the shore with man’s best friend. Your dog will always love sunset, sunrise or really any time spent with you.
  7. Shop.

    Enjoy shopping or browsing at the farmer’s market, art fair, flea market, home improvement store or pet supply or boutique store. Be sure that your dog doesn’t “shop” for you by picking up items with his mouth or knocking anything over with his joyful tail!
  8. Volunteer.

    You can spend quality time with your dog while helping others or contributing to a nice cause. Find ways to volunteer with your canine here.


Tips for a successful date include:

  • Call ahead or check online to ensure that dogs are welcome at a store, park or event.
  • Use dog treats to reward good behavior and to get your dog’s attention in distracting environments.
  • Bring water, a dog bowl and a towel or dog bed so your dog has a place to happily settle in a "down" position while in public.


Go find a fun date!

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