Bringing Your Pet into the Office for the First Time? Here’s How to Prepare

| Jodie Otter MSW

Bringing your dog to the office? Here are tips to ensure that you & your pup have a pawsitive experience at work, including packing a bag of doggy essentials.


If your office is dog friendly, your next step is getting your dog ready. Let’s look at how you can prep to ensure you and your pup have a pawsitive experience at work.

Doggy Bag

Here are some essentials to keep on hand when you’re at the office:

  • Water bowl

  • Treats

  • Leash

  • Poop Bags

  • Necessary medication

Pupgrade Your Office

Need an excuse to snazzy up your cubicle? Get the perfect pupgrade by personalizing your workspace to your pet’s needs and personality.

  • You’re not the only one who needs a comfy seat while working. Pick a dog bed that will keep your dog feeling cozy and supported all day long.

  • Don’t forget that all your dog’s office supplies (ahem, toys) need a place to go! Consider getting a personalized basket or bin to keep pesky paws from taking your dog’s belongings.

  • If your dog’s friendly, it may take effort to keep them from saying “Hi!” to everyone. Keep alonger leash at your desk to allow your dog space to move around, and keep them secured so they don’t disrupt others or enter a dog-free zone.

  • Want to make your dog look the part? Step up their look with a perfectly placed tie to show they really mean business. You know what they say, dress for success.

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Mind Your Manners

Treats? Check. Poop bags? Check. Doggy manners?... Maybe your pooch could use a refresher.

Here are some tricks of the trade to help your dog ace their annual review:


Dogs that are young or high-energy breeds need plenty of exercise to remain stimulated. While at work, your dog will likely spend a lot of time sitting down. Before going to the office, give your pup a good workout. Schedule time throughout the day to take your pup out too – this will serve as a great break for both of you. If there are other dogs in the office, encourage supervised playtime to ensure all tails remain wagging.

Show and Tell

If you bring a toy to the office, make sure it’s something your dog can “share with the class.” For example, keep Fido’s favorite fluffy toy at home so it doesn’t get lost or shredded at the office.

Be Mindful of Messes

Even if you think your co-worker is a bit of a mess, make sure that your dog doesn’t leave one at their desk! Keep an eye on your dog so that any accidents can be cleaned up quickly.

Stick to Your Day Job

While bringing your dog to work sounds amazing, keep your pup’s personality in mind. Unfortunately, not every dog is successful in the workplace. Although proper training is one half of the equation, dogs with anxiety may be better off left at home if they struggle with the stresses of the office.

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Jodie Otter MSW

As an avid fan of all things that meow or bark, Jodie uses her expertise in human and animal health to have a positive impact on the well-being of pets and their owners. Jodie lives in Durham, NC with her cat, "Noodle", and two dogs, "Lilly" and "Clementine".


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