Why You Need a Bucket List for Your Senior Pet

| Richard Rowlands

A bucket list for a senior pet helps ensure they enjoy themselves during their golden years. Here are 5 great ideas that should be on every senior dog or cat's list.


As a pet owner, knowing that you're coming to the end of your pet's life is one of the hardest things that you can experience. Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but something that can help ease that pain is knowing that you gave your pet the best life possible – all the way up until the end.

Many pet owners create a bucket list for their senior pets, so they can experience all that life has to offer before they, unfortunately, cross the rainbow bridge.

Read on to learn what a bucket list is, why you should make one for your senior pet, and what you should include.

Why You Should Make a Bucket List for Your Pet

A bucket list is a list of activities that you can do with your pet before they pass. These activities, no matter how seemingly small or mundane, help your pet make the best of the time that they have left and ensure that they truly enjoy their final days.

Not only does it enrich your pet's life, but it can make a difference in your life as well. Spending your pet's last moments creating happy memories can help you through the grieving process, knowing you did everything to make your pet feel as happy and loved as possible.

4 Tips for Creating a Senior Pet Bucket List

Before you sit down to create your senior pet's bucket list, here's a few things to keep in mind:

1. Check with Your Vet

The types of activities that you can add to your senior pet's bucket list will ultimately depend on what they're able to do.

Though you may have grand plans for summer road trips and hiking, your pet's health may not be suited for strenuous physical activity or long stretches away from home. Discuss your plans with your vet, so you know exactly what your pet can and can't do.

2. Be Realistic with Your List

As a loving pet owner, you want to go above and beyond for your senior pet, especially now. But it's important to keep a realistic focus for the list. Your pet's health, your budget, and your projected timeframe will all affect what activities you can plan for.

Remember that it's not about getting as many activities done as possible – it's about making your pet happy, and that can be done in a variety of ways.

3. Focus on What Your Pet Wants

The bucket list should be filled with activities that your pet will actually enjoy, not just ones that you want to do with them.

If your dog loves to be outdoors, taking them to the beach or on a new nature trail may be a great idea, but those activities wouldn't be a good fit for a dog that prefers lounging inside with you.

4. Document Everything

No matter what experiences you have planned for your pet, remember to document as much of it as possible with photos and videos. These will become priceless memories for you to look back on long after your pet has passed.

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5 Ideas for Your Senior Pet Bucket List

What you put on your senior pet's bucket list should reflect their personal interests, but here are a few great ideas to get you started.

1. Pet Photoshoot

A professional photoshoot is great for many reasons. Not only is it a fantastic bonding experience for you both, but it creates amazing keepsakes that you can look back on for years to come and display proudly in your home.

Photoshoots can be in the comfort of your own home if that's where your pet would prefer, or you can pick a fun outdoor location for them to explore. They'll get to experience new sights and smells, and they’ll enjoy the undivided attention from you, as well as the photographer.

2. A Trip to the Beach

If your pet loves the outdoors, a trip to the beach could be a fun experience for them, especially if it's something that they've never done before.

The beach is filled with new sights, smells, sounds, and textures that your pet can only experience when they're near the shore. As long as a trip to the beach isn't too far away or too ambitious for your senior pet's health to handle, feeling the sand on their paws and taking a dip in the salty water can be such a fun experience for them.

3. Schedule a Playdate with Their Furry Friends

If your pet's health is up to it, spending the day running around with their best friends can be the perfect pick-me-up. You can keep the playdate as lowkey as you want, or you can go all out and throw your pet a party.

Being around friends and loved ones will help your pet feel extra loved, and the added exercise can be beneficial for their health.

4. Go on a Camping Trip

Camping is another great option for pets that love the outdoors and are looking for a new experience.

One of the best parts about camping is that it's a versatile activity. If your pet is physically up for more strenuous activities, you can go for a hike or take a swim in a nearby lake.

If your senior pet needs a calmer activity, however, they can lounge with you by the campfire and simply enjoy the smells and sounds of the great outdoors.

5. Give Extra Cuddles and Attention

This may not seem like the most exciting activity to have planned, but it can mean the most to your senior pet – especially if they're too ill to engage in more involved activities.

Set aside a day where you can give them as much attention and love as they want. Spend the whole day cuddled up on the couch, giving them scratches in all their favorite places, and napping in bed. This day is all about making them feel safe, loved, and happy.

What Activities Are on Your Pet's Bucket List?

There are many fun activities to add to your pet's bucket list, but the most important ones are what your furry friend enjoys the most. Think about their personality and what they're physically capable of doing.

Even if the only activities on their bucket list are eating tasty treats and getting as much attention as possible, you'll still be able to make the most of your senior pet's final days and make sure they feel as loved and as special as they are.

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