How to Celebrate Global Cat Day

| Richard Rowlands

Celebrate Global Cat Day by spreading awareness about programs and policies that help keep cats safe from harm. Learn how you can get involved today.


Celebrated on October 16, Global Cat Day was created in 2001 by Alley Cat Allies to help keep cats everywhere safe from harm.

In the United States, more cats are euthanized in shelters than any other animal, with approximately 530,000 cats euthanized every year. The high number is due mostly to the large population of cats that aren't spayed or neutered, as well as those that come to the shelter without proper identification.

Through Global Cat Day, Alley Cat Allies hopes to raise awareness of local Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, as well as local policy changes that can be made to keep cats everywhere safe and loved.

What Are TNR Programs?

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programshelp address the large populations of community cats by safely and humanely capturing stray and feral cats, bringing them to veterinarians for spay and neuter surgeries, and then returning them to their communities.

TNR programs interrupt the breeding cycle for stray cats, keeping more cats out of shelters and helping them to better coexist with the humans in their community.

These programs have been proven to improve the lives of cats and have a greater impact than euthanasia by animal control. In one 11-year-long study at the University of Florida, the TNR program showed a 66% decline in cats on campus, with no new kittens being born.

Global Cat Day was originally started as National Feral Cat Day because these programs quickly stabilize feral cat populations, but they also help create a better world for cats everywhere.

6 Ways to Get Involved on Global Cat Day

Wondering how you can help make a difference for Global Cat Day? Here are 6 simple and effective ways to get involved:

1. Raise Awareness of TNR Programs

One of the best ways to do your part this Global Cat Day is by educating your friends, family, and community members on the benefits of TNR programs.

In many communities, there are still local policies in place that prevent TNR programs, leading to higher rates of euthanasia for healthy cats. By raising awareness of the benefits of TNR, you can help create change in your local communities and keep more cats safe.

Alley Cat Allies create a pledge each year for Global Cat Day that you can sign and share with your friends and family to further spread the message.

2. Donate to Your Local Rescue Organizations

For communities that are already utilizing TNR programs, your donations are critical. Local organizations that capture and sterilize cats need resources that are only possible through your continued support and donations.

Most organizations will use box traps to capture feral and stray cats before bringing them to the veterinarian. These box traps can add up quickly, especially in areas with large cat populations.

Consider making a monetary donation to your favorite local cat rescue group in your area this Global Cat Day.

3. Spread the Word on Social Media with #GlobalCatDay

Global Cat Day is truly a global event, bringing cat lovers and advocates from around the world together in support of a common cause. In addition to sharing with your friends and family, you can spread the word to an even larger audience and connect with other advocates through social media.

Using your favorite social media platforms, you can share resources from local cat rescue organizations or Alley Cat Allies with the hashtag #GlobalCatDay. This keeps the movement growing, engaging even more people in the fight for cats everywhere.

4. Host a Local Event to Benefit Cats

If you have the means or the platform to host a local event, that's a great way to support community cats in your area.

Many local organizations will host events like fundraisers, educational workshops on the benefits of TNR programs, cat food drives, and more. These are great ways to bring the community together, as well as educate them on cat welfare issues in their own neighborhoods.

Many local animal shelters also host spay/neuter clinics to encourage cat owners in the area to get their cats spayed or neutered, helping to fight against cat overpopulation.

5. Learn More About Your Local Laws Affecting Cats

Many communities have policies in place that affect a shelter's ability to institute a TNR program or that affect the life of stray and feral cats in general.

Your local government plays a key role in making the world a better, safer place for cats. Take the opportunity to understand the current laws in place, as well as proposed laws put forth by your elected officials, animal control officers, and animal shelter staff.

This is also a great time to reach out to local rescue organizations and community cat caregivers to learn what they're currently doing to create change and how you can help them.

6. Get Your Cat Spayed or Neutered

While you may not have large groups of stray cats in your area, if you're a cat owner you can still do your part to control feral cat populations. If your cat is not spayed or neutered, consider booking an appointment with your vet or taking them to a local spay/neuter clinic nearby.

Spaying or neutering your cat is important for their overall health and wellness. Cats that have been spayed/neutered live longer than their intact counterparts. In fact, one study of more than 460,000 cats found that spayed female cats live 39% longer, and neutered male cats live 62% longer.

Spaying and neutering eliminate potential uterine and testicular cancers, as well as provide protection from breast tumors. It also helps curb potential behavior issues that can be frustrating to both you and your cat.

In addition, by spaying or neutering your cat, you're decreasing the likelihood that your pet will go missing, as well as any chance they may perpetuate the breeding cycle with other local cats.

Raising Awareness Is Key

Cats everywhere deserve long, happy, healthy lives, whether they're cuddly house cats or shy strays.

Raising awareness of the need for TNR programs on Global Cat Day is a great first step towards keeping cats out of shelters and making the world a safer place for them. So, why not get involved this year and help make a difference?

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