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Celebrate Super Bowl LI Safely with Your Pets!

Pet Health and Safety  •   Maggie Dean  •   Feb 03, 2017

When you think Super Bowl, you almost instantly think about all those delicious tailgate party treats! Well, you aren’t the only one with your eye on the buffet. Your favorite snacks could be putting your dogs at risk. Here are a few popular gameday foods that you should keep out of reach:


Buffalo Wings: What’s a Super Bowl party without wings? We love them and unfortunately dogs do, too. Cooked chicken bones are rigid and fragile and can shatter inside your dog’s digestive track. Even if your buffet boasts some boneless wings, the buffalo sauce is often too spicy for dogs to ingest. Any hot sauce will give your dog a terribly upset stomach.

Deep Fried Food: Now, we know fried food is bad for humans. All logic tells us that it is a no-go for dogs. Fried foods are actually WORSE for dogs than they are for people! Eating too much fat will disrupt digestion in the short term and cause long term health issues.

Alcohol: A common misconception people have is that dogs can tolerate alcohol. This is NOT true. Alcohol – yes, even beer – has ingredients that are toxic to dogs of all sizes. Canine digestion, respiratory, and nervous systems cannot handle the effects of any kind of alcohol so it is best to just keep it well out of their way.

Toothpicks: Finally, try to steer clear of using an abundance of toothpicks. It should go without saying, but if your pup jumps up and gets a mouthful of cheese cubes, it’s a lot better for him if they aren’t full of miniature wooden spikes. When swallowed, even only a few of these have the potential to cause severe damage.


These tips don’t mean you can’t enjoy your Super Bowl LI party with your best buddy (or in our case, Puppy Bowl XIII!). Take these precautions into consideration on February 5th to ensure a fun-filled day for everyone involved! 

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