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The Best DIY Toys for Cats and Dogs

Behavior and Training  •   CJ Silvasi  •   Dec 05, 2022


There’s something special about a handmade gift at the holidays. If you love to create custom gifts for friends and family, you’ll love these easy DIY gifts for pets.

T-Shirt Rope Toy for Dogs

The Houston Humane Society hosts this step-by-step tutorial for easy T-shirt dog toys. If you have a ton of old T-shirts that you no longer wear, this is a great way to give them new life and your pup tons of fun!

Easy String Toys for Cats

Watching a cat play with a toy on a string is fun for everyone involved. It’s also a great way for your cat to burn excess energy and avoid getting bored.

DIY Dog Tennis Ball Rope Toy

Is there anything dogs love more than a tennis ball and rope? For some dogs, their tennis ball is their whole personality, and these easy-to-make toys are right up their alley.

Dog Snuffle Mat

Snuffle toys are easy to make and great for engaging your puppy. Fill the mat with treats and let your dog snuffle their way to snack happiness.

Doggy Doughnut Toys

Dough-NOT miss out on these adorable DIYs. Learn how to make doggy doughnut toys with socks and a few simple supplies. They’ll make perfect stocking stuffers for dogs and dog parents.

Octopus Chew Toys

These sturdy toys are perfect for chewing! If your dog loves to de-fuzz their tennis balls, this is the perfect craft to bring them back to life.

Fringebee Dog Disc Toy

Is your pup dedicated to their disc toy? Take it to the next level with this easy DIY!

Catnip Kickers

Does your cat go nuts for nip? Make these catnip kickers for all of your feline friends so they have something cozy to snuggle (and kick).

Don’t let your pet go without this holiday season – make them their own toys. They’ll love anything you make them, and you’ll have tons of fun in the process. Make a day of it and get your friends together for a pet-toy crafting day.

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