Dog Birthday Gifts

| Mary Bays

Celebrating your dog's birthday is a sweet and fun way to show your best friend some special attention. Explore dog birthday gifts for pups of all ages.


Whether your dog is turning 1 or 10, we all want to spoil our “puppies” on their special day! Here are some ideas for how you can wish your canine companion a happy birthday!

Toys, Toys, Everywhere!

Your dog’s birthday is a great time to look through all their toys and toss any damaged ones. Donate the toys that they don’t play with anymore and pick up some new versions of their favorites! If your dog is too smart for their own good, look into some more advanced puzzle toys to test their problem-solving abilities.

AKC also offers puppy and dog gift baskets so your dog can enjoy a variety of new birthday treats. These packs can include a blanket, toys, stuffed animals, and some tasty biscuits.

Birthday Cake

Everyone loves cake on their birthday and your dog is no exception. Stop in at your local barkery and pick up a dog-friendly birthday cake. If you like to spend time in the kitchen baking, check out these recipes for birthday pupcakes you can make at home!

Dog Birthday Paw-ty

A great gift for your dog is the company of their best four-legged friends! Throwing a birthday party for your dog can be fun and can inspire you to tap into your creative side. Turn your backyard into a mini-dog park by inviting your dog’s favorite friends (and their owners) over to play. Choose a theme to decorate and provide treats for both dogs and people. Exactly how you throw your dog’s birthday party is up to you, but here are some birthday party tips to make it a little easier to plan!

Safety and Wellness

We all want our dogs to be safe and healthy, so consider getting your dog a collar that can help do both! The LINK AKC smart collar not only monitors your dog’s location, but also provides activity tracking and wellness updates to keep your dog feeling their best!

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Creature Comforts

If your dog is constantly napping, chewing, and hanging out on their bed, the fabric and stuffing may be less than comfortable. A brand new bed is one of the best birthday gifts for dogs, especially with the memory foam options available!

Spa Day

If your dog loves being pampered, schedule a day of grooming on your dog’s birthday. Pull out all the stops and splurge for those extra touches. A dog massage, foot pad treatment, or de-shedding are all nice ways to show your dog you care. If you want to make your spa day more personal, do it at home! Teaching your pup to love bath time is important and can be a fun activity for the two of you!

Better Dental Health

Who said dental health doesn’t have to be fun! There are a large variety of dental chews available that your pup will love. With their great taste and fun shapes, your dog will be begging for their chew every day. Not only does this serve as a treat, but it also helps with bad breath and keeping your dog’s teeth clean!

Monthly Subscription Box

There are a large number of subscription dog boxes that will provide you with a monthly shipment of toys or treats. If your dog tends to get bored of toys or destroys them quickly, then this may be a great option for you. While Barkbox is the most well-known subscription box for dogs, there is a large selection of companies who also offer these boxes. Do some research and choose the option that provides the right toys for your dog!

Doggy Day Care

Give your dog a gift certificate to doggy day care, so they can play during the day while you’re at work. Socialization is especially important for puppies, but dogs of all ages need to spend some time around their own kind! Keeping your dog at day care gives them the chance to burn off steam and can leave you with a tired and happy pup at the end of the day.

Something for All Ages

The options for dog birthday presents are endless, and there’s something for pups of all ages! Spending the day playing their favorite games, visiting with friends, or snuggling on the couch will ensure your pup has an unforgettable birthday. 

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Mary Bays

Mary comes to AKC Pet Insurance with an extensive background in animal care. As a lifelong animal lover, she has a passion for promoting pet health and wellness. Mary lives in Kentucky with her orange kitty, "Cat" and her dog, " Wubbi".


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