Pet Insurance Explained: Breeding Coverage from AKC Pet Insurance

| Aimee Ellis

Breeding healthy dogs is a full-time job, and we know you want to protect your dam and your new litter. When an accident or illness incident happens to a pregnant dam there are multiple lives on the line, and fast medical treatment is important for their health and sometimes survival. Adding our unique Breeding Coverage to your dam’s pet insurance plan will help protect her and her litter from conception to weaning.

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Responsible dog breeders know a lot goes into breeding your dog including research, health checks, finding a suitable mate, having supplies ready for whelping, preparing for the new puppies, caring for your dam, and more; you have so much to do. Even after taking measures to ensure a healthy dam and litter, there are still risks when breeding your dog, so help protect her and the puppies with Breeding Coverage from AKC Pet Insurance (underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company).

What Does Breeding Insurance Cover?

AKC Pet Insurance helps protect your dog by covering some or all of the veterinary costs related to breeding, whelping, and nursing with the Breeding Coverage add-on. This optional plan can be added to your Accident and Illness policy and is available to all breeds.

Breeding Coverage has a 30-day waiting period, so we encourage breeders to wait 30 days after policy inception to begin the breeding process. If an incident does occur during breeding, whelping, or nursing, you can have peace of mind knowing you have the best Breeding Coverage for your dogs!

Common claims covered under Breeding Coverage include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency c-sections

  • Mastitis

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Eclampsia

  • Pyometra

Labrador Retriever Claim Example:

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever

  • Age: 2 years old

  • Diagnosis: Mastitis

  • Total Vet Bill: $5,879.20

  • Insurance Reimbursement: $4,225.67

This customer had an Accident and Illness plan with AlternativePlus and Breeding Coverage add-ons, deductible $250, 80% reimbursement, and $20,000 reimbursement limit for the year. Terms and Conditions apply, see Policy for details.

What Isn’t Covered with Breeding Coverage?

This coverage is specifically for your bitch, not her puppies, and provides coverage in the case of accidents and illnesses. Wellness checks for pregnancy, planned c-sections, and elective procedures are not covered under this plan. Bereding Coverage from AKC Pet Insurance is designed to help protect your dog in the event of an emergency so you can relax knowing you have additional support from the high cost of veterinary bills.

Get Help from the Breeder Support Team at AKC Pet Insurance

Once your puppies are born and the dam is recovering, reach out to our Breeder Support team at AKC Pet Insurance. The Breeder Support team can assist you with any insurance questions you have, provide you with educational materials about our coverage for your buyers, help activate coverage for buyers, support your buyers with insurance quotes, and more. The Breeder Support team is a knowledgeable resource for you and your puppy buyers and are here to support you so you can support your buyers.

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