The Ultimate Fall Bucket List for Your Dog

| CJ Silvasi

The last week of September officially marks the start of fall! Whether the temperatures around you have started dropping or not, it’s a great time to get out and have some fall-themed fun with your furry best friend. So, pack your picnic basket, slip into your sweater, and grab that leash because here are 7 of our favorite fall activities to do with your dog:

Dog enjoying a car ride in fall

Leaf Peeping

The best part of fall is watching the stunning display mother nature puts on as the leaves change colors. Whether you hop in your car and take a scenic ride through the woods, go on a hike, or simply walk your neighborhood and enjoy the view, you and your dog are sure to have fun together. This is the perfect time of year to plan a road trip with your furry friend, so research the best times to view the changing leaves in your state.

You can take leaf peeping a step further and immerse yourself in the trees this autumn by visiting your local park. Many state and national parks are dog-friendly, or have dog-specific trails that you and your pup can enjoy the cool, crisp air as you surround yourselves with a riot of fall colors.

Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot with Your Pooch

Dog sitting in pumpkin patch

There’s something about a pumpkin patch that marks the start of fall. Before you hit the road, do some research to ensure that your local pumpkin patch is pet friendly. Don your best fall attire, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and hit the patch! This fun outing is a great way to fill your phone with pictures of your dog surrounded by the ultimate fall aesthetic.

Bake Pet-Friendly Fall Treats

Everyone loves a good fall treat, your dog included. There are a lot of fall foods that are safe to share with your dog including apples, pumpkin, and cranberries. But, you can also bake up something delicious for your pet, so while you’re whipping up your favorite baked goods this fall, make a batch of pumpkin dog biscuits or apple cinnamon treats so your pets can get in on the tasty fun.

Photo of a woman holding her dog

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Build and Then Jump into Your Own Pile of Leaves

Dog playing in the Fall leaves

Once the leaves have changed and fallen to the ground, there’s a whole new type of fun you and your pup can have. Your dog loves spending time with you, so bring them into the yard while you do your seasonal chores. Before you dispose of those fallen leaves, rake them into the biggest pile you can manage and then race your dog to the pile. Last one in’s a rotten pumpkin!

Have a Fall Picnic

Family with small brown dog

Now that you’ve baked your cozy fall treats, take your dog on a fun picnic this fall. Fill your basket full of those baked treats and other autumn seasonal foods. Bring some pulled roasted chicken, carrots, and other tasty dog-friendly foods so your furry friend can partake in the fun. Then find a scenic spot, pull out your thermos of hot cider, and enjoy the day. This is the perfect activity to turn into a date or group outing, so invite your significant other or favorite people and their pets to join you in basking in fall’s bounty.

Tail-Gate a Football Game

Head to a nearby college or professional football game and have some fun in the parking lot. Go all out with foods, decorations, and games. Get your dog in the spirit with a collar to coordinate with your favorite team, then kick back and have some fun. You don’t even have to go into the game to enjoy this one! If you don’t have a local football team that tailgates, start a tradition in your neighborhood and tailgate outside before curling up on the couch to watch the game. Teach your pup to retrieve a football, and suddenly game day is fun for everyone.

Take a Wellness Day

Fall can be a whirlwind of change as students head back to school, the days become shorter, and we shift gears from lazy summer days. This can cause stress for both you and your dog, so taking a day or two off for some pampering and quality time with your dog will benefit both of you; after all, you deserve it.

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Photo of a woman holding her dog

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No matter how you choose to spend time with your pup this fall, they will be grateful, so celebrate the changing of the seasons with your four-legged best friend. Whether you go out on an adventure to see the leaves change or just cozy up together on your couch, you’ll both love the quality bonding and be happier for it.

CJ Silvasi

CJ has always wanted to be a writer. She even threatened to drop out after her first day of kindergarten when they weren’t immediately going to teach her to read and write. Fortunately, she stayed in school, earned her degree in Creative Writing from Christopher Newport University, and now gets to live her best life with her husband, 3 Japanese Chins, and cat writing for AKC Pet Insurance.


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