AKC Pet Insurance Featured Breeder: Three Lakes Labradors, LLC

Three Lakes Labradors, LLC has been breeding Labrador Retrievers since 2016. Their passion for this popular breed has led them and their dogs to breed championships.

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For the Love of Labs: What Makes the Labrador Retriever Special?

When asked what started her in the breed, Alexie states, “I fell in love with the breed over a decade ago! I loved their versatility that they could flip from heavy hunting scenarios to being a service dog with the snap of a finger.” For many dog trainers like those at Three Lakes Labradors, nothing is better than the Labrador Retriever, a breed known for their intelligence and trainability.

Three Lakes Labradors focuses on Labradors ideal for service dog training, something Alexie is passionate about. When asked about her favorite part of breeding Labs, she answered, “Seeing my puppies go on to change lives and bring independence to those who have lost it.” Alexie also owns Three Lakes Dog Training in Mississippi, which has everything from basic obedience to gun dog training as well as boarding and grooming. Her dogs are competitive in many venues, including Scent Work, UKC Shed Hunts, Dock Diving, Trick Dog, Farm Dog, and Hunting Retrieving.

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Three Lakes Labradors and Responsible Dog Breeding

Alexie states that she’d love to see positive changes in the breed community: “breeders focusing on the breed standard and what the breed was bred to do.” and “Breeders being more inviting and friendly to new people!”. As an all-around family dog and biddable athlete, Labradors are more than capable of being in many sports and environments, allowing their families to become a part of the communities as well.

Although all her dogs are enthusiastic about exercise and activities, they are also meant to be the perfect dog for someone looking for an affectionate and intelligent companion for service work or therapy work. Her dogs are all tested for OFA Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Cardiac, and Patellas as well as clearing important genetic tests before being bred. Health testing and good temperament are key to any amazing breeding program, and Three Lakes Labradors certainly fits the bill! Three Lakes Labradors has produced Bred with H.E.A.R.T. litters, and in 2020 received an ‘Excellent’ rating by the Good Dog.

What It’s Like Breeding Labrador Retrievers

As one of America’s most popular breeds, and one of the most well-known, Labradors are available almost everywhere. For anyone looking to get into breeding this fabulous dog, Alexie advises, “The Labrador retriever market is one of the most flooded market for breeders right now - find someone you respect that is willing to mentor you, do all recommended health and genetic testing, title your dogs in a variety of sports and find your niche that sets your program apart from the rest.”

Labrador Retrievers should be equally at home on the couch or in the field, and as such health testing is essential to ensure future generations have long and healthy lives! One of the key reasons for genetic testing is also ensuring that Labradors remain free of the gene that causes ‘silver labs’. Three Lakes Labradors stands with the AKC and parent club in not supporting breeding of these mixes.

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Registering Your Labrador Retriever with the AKC

When it comes to benefits from AKC registration, Alexie encourages all puppy owners to individually register their puppies and also activate the Initial 30 Days of Pet Insurance offer from AKC Pet Insurance (underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company). This is a feature of individual AKC registration and is available as soon as your puppy’s AKC registration is completed!

The Importance of Wholistic Pet Care

No matter what breed you love, caring for each dog’s unique health needs is a vital part of responsible pet ownership. Keeping your dog updated on vaccines, bringing them to regular vet visits, and caring for their wholistic health needs is an important part of raising healthy dogs. Ease the burden of unexpected vet expenses with pet insurance.

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