Mixed-Breed Dog Love on National Mutt Day

| CJ Silvasi

Not sure what dog breed fits your lifestyle best? Learn about National Mutt Day and discover why adopting a mixed-breed dog might be the way to go.


Happy National Mutt Day to all those mixed breed dogs out there. There’s room for all kinds of dogs in this world, so the important part of pet ownership is finding a companion that works well with your family.

A mixed-breed dog may be the perfect way to find a pup that meets all your family’s needs. For example, you can find a breed that has the temperament that suits your family’s activity levels mixed with a breed that doesn’t shed or is hypoallergenic.

Where Do Modern Breeds Come From?

Did you know that modern dogs all share a common ancestor in the gray wolf? Scientists estimate that dogs were first domesticated over 15 thousand years and, over the centuries, bred for the tasks their human companions needed. As humans spread throughout the world, they brought their dogs with them, and unique breeds developed over time. Now, we have hundreds of different dog breeds, and each one is unique.

What Makes a Dog a Purebred?

Purebred dogs come from one of those recognized 200+ breeds. They have breed standards, and are often registered through a kennel club like American Kennel Club. These dogs have generations of lineage that can be verified and tracked through their kennel club, but not all purebred dogs are registered. It is possible that a line of purebred dogs is not associated with a kennel club. This doesn’t impact their “purebred” status, but does mean they cannot compete within a kennel club’s shows.

What Is the Difference Between Mixed Breeds and Designer Breeds?

“Designer breeds” is a relatively new term to describe mixed breeds that were intentionally bred with specific breed traits in mind. That is to say, two breeds were mixed with one parent from each breed to attempt to get a new breed altogether. While these designer dogs come from mixing two breeds, they are not like a mixed breed that may have several different breeds within their lineage. With designer breeds, the results are traceable and have predictable features much like purebred dogs.

What Are the Benefits of Mixed-Breed Dogs?

It may seem that mixed breeds are a roll of the dice on qualities and traits, but that is part of their charm. Mixed breed dogs can generate a unique combination of features that create the perfect dog for you. Maybe you’ll get the cleverness of a Beagle with the trainability of a Golden Retriever, and the hypoallergenic fur of a Poodle in one dog. Or perhaps you could get the size of a Chihuahua paired with the calm temperament of a King Charles Spaniel. Each mixed-breed dog is one of a kind.

Mixed-breed dogs can also be more affordable than purebred and designer dogs. Shelters are often filled with them, and they work to keep their adoption fees low. Plus, mixed breeds are often the result of unintentional coupling, so owners are more concerned with giving the puppies a good home than starting a business as a breeder.

So, take a moment to celebrate National Mutt Day, because each dog is uniquely special. Ultimately, finding the dog that is best for your home is more important than the breed.

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