5 Pet-Friendly Volunteer Opportunities

| CJ Silvasi

Interested in helping pets without spending extra money? Give the gift of your time with these pet-friendly volunteer opportunities in your community.


There’s never a bad time to do some good in the world, and no matter what your passion is, there’s a way to volunteer to help others.

The world is changing, inflation is looming, and more families find themselves in need than even before, with more than 56% of American families financially affected by inflation.

Are you interested in helping, but incapable of sparing the cash for a donation? Volunteering your time is a great way to help others without spending money. It’s also an opportunity to get your pet involved in the fun.

Here are 5 awesome pet volunteer opportunities:

Make Your Pet a Therapy Animal

If your pet is people-friendly, look into local ordinances for certification as a therapy animal. It’s the perfect way to spread a little cheer to hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters.

Requirementsmay vary, so much sure the place your visiting permits therapy animals before you make the trip. If they do, you and your pup will light up once you see how much joy an unexpected visit brings to those away from their own pets and families.

Donate Blood to Your Local Pet Hospital

We know how important it is for people to donate blood to help hospitals provide life-saving treatments, but did you know it’s just as important for animals?

Animal hospitals rely on blood transfusions to save the lives of pets, but donations aren’t as widely recognized as a need. Talk to your vet about ways to donate. Some may take donations directly, and others may work through a group that provides them, but either way, sign your pet up to help others with a blood donation today.

Clean Up Your Community

Do you take your dog on daily walks? If so, bring a trash bag and some gloves with you and clean up your community as you stroll.  

It’s a great way to get some exercise and quality time with your pup while cleaning up your neighborhood. Even better, reach out to your friends and neighbors to bring their pets and help with the cleanup process. You’ll have a whole new place to hang out in no time.

Participate in a Charity Race

Charity races and walks are becoming more popular across the country, and many are pet friendly. Find a cause you’re passionate about and sign up for the race with your furry friend, then get the word out. Let your friends and family know what you’re doing and encourage them to sign up with you or donate to the cause through your registration. Then, grab your leash and get ready to run.

Turn Your Dog into a Reading Buddy

Did you know that children who struggle with reading can improve by reading aloud to a dog? Dogs create a no-pressure environment for children to practice without judgment, and studies have shown a significant increase in reading skills in a matter of weeks if the children read weekly.

Many schools and programs are looking for volunteers – both human and canine – to help children feel more comfortable reading. These programs change lives and make students more confident to participate in their classes, so the value of your pup’s time is immeasurable.

No matter how you decide to help those in need, the effort will be appreciated. If you’re not comfortable going alone, find a way to incorporate your dog, so you can both bring a little more joy to the world by volunteering.

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CJ Silvasi

CJ has always wanted to be a writer. She even threatened to drop out after her first day of kindergarten when they weren’t immediately going to teach her to read and write. Fortunately, she stayed in school, earned her degree in Creative Writing from Christopher Newport University, and now gets to live her best life with her husband, 3 Japanese Chins, and cat writing for AKC Pet Insurance.


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