Why Now Is the Right Time for Pet Insurance!

| Jodie Otter MSW

Think you can hold off on getting pet insurance? Sooner is better when it comes to protecting your cat or dog. Get covered now and prepare for the unexpected.


You might have reservations about whether now is the right time to set your four-legged family up with pet insurance. Good news: now is always the best time to invest in your pet’s health!

So, let’s take a look at all the ways pet insurance can help you sooner rather than later.

Expect the Unexpected

A 2018 study indicated that regular medical expenses for a dog range from $210 to $260, depending on the dog’s size. While you may be able to handle the ordinary out-of-pocket expenses for your pet, an unexpected accident or illness can quickly empty your wallet.

In fact, the price of an emergency vet visit can cost pet owners as much as $5,000 or more, depending on what treatment their pet receives. However, you can potentially drop that cost significantly if you have pet insurance. For example, if you have a policy that reimburses you for 90% of eligible expenses, your pet’s emergency treatment might only cost you $500 of that original $5,000.

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Every Dog and Cat Deserves the Pet Insurance of Champions

Get prize-winning care for your pets.


Don’t Miss Out on Coverage

If you have a young and healthy pet, you might think about holding off on a policy because they don’t need it right now. However, if your pet begins showing signs of a condition before starting a policy, your pet’s treatment may be ineligible for coverage because the condition is pre-existing.

Don’t fret; there is some good news! AKC Pet Insurance (underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company) is the first and only major pet insurance company to offer coverage for pre-existing conditions* in most states. The only catch is that you must have continuous coverage for at least 365 days before the condition may be eligible. So, to maximize the reimbursement you receive, count on having an active policy before symptoms begin.

Some policies also limit the types of coverage your pet is eligible for based on their age. The sooner you sign your pet up for a policy, the greater their chance for eligibility for future health expenses. This means if you have an accident and illness policy for your young dog, their coverage will carry over to old age when they would typically only be eligible for an accident-only policy.

Sick, Hurt, or Healthy

While you know that pet insurance can help with costs associated with an accident or illness, it can also help with the costs of your pet’s routine veterinary care. AKC Pet Insurance offers plans to assist with wellness exams, spay or neuter costs, vaccinations, and more! One of the best features? Wellness coverage is not subject to waiting periods, coinsurance, deductibles, or annual limits! Check out sample terms and conditions to see exactly how much is covered by AKC Pet Insurance’s Defender and DefenderPlus plans.


Just like everything else in the world, the cost of veterinary care is on the rise. Remember that 2018 routine care figure we referenced earlier? Record high veterinary costs now have dog owners spending an average of $1,480 per year, while cat owners spend an average of $900. In fact, according to recent reports, 47% of pet owners carry some sort of pet-related debt.

Pet insurance provides you with the peace of mind that, even if costs continue to rise, you have someone in your pet’s corner, so that you can focus on getting them the care they need, not whether it will empty your pockets.

To learn more about what options are available for your furry family members, take a look at the AKC Pet Insurance quote tool or call 866-725-2747 to speak to a member of the Customer Care Team!

*Not available in all states.

Photo of a woman holding her dog

Every Dog and Cat Deserves the Pet Insurance of Champions

Get prize-winning care for your pets.

jodie otter
Jodie Otter MSW

As an avid fan of all things that meow or bark, Jodie uses her expertise in human and animal health to have a positive impact on the well-being of pets and their owners. Jodie lives in Durham, NC with her cat, "Noodle", and two dogs, "Lilly" and "Clementine".


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