The Doggie Massage, A New Wave in Spa Treatment

| Lacey Miller

Pet massage is a relatively new treatment considered for a multitude of behavioral and health issues. See how massage can help your pet.


Spoiled beast. That’s how we refer to our four-legged friend and that was the first thing that came to mind when I was told about the idea of the doggie spa. A wonderful place of tranquility and relaxation…for your pet. Isn’t the discounted dog bed I got at Home Goods enough? But really, what is the thinking behind the puppy dog spa and just what is a dog massage?

The popularity of humanizing our pets is on the rise. It’s no longer odd to see one as you walk around the mall, eat at your favorite restaurant, or even when you’re flying. Our pets are more a part of our family than they have ever been and the idea of treating them isn’t limited to the ‘Puppaccino’ from Starbucks. The concept of a spa for your dog isn’t new, it’s just innovative, and smart marketing. Most of these ‘doggie spas’ are groomers, day cares, and boarding kennels. They’ve just stepped up their game to catch your attention. You’re leaving for a business trip for a few days; is your dog going to a boarding kennel or Cindy’s Doggie Spa?

Now, I know as many dog owners do, there are vast differences between groomers, day cares, and kennels; they all have various offerings. And only trial and error, and Yelp reviews, can tell you the best spot for your dog, but if you’re looking for more than just a place for your pup to sleep, it’s good to understand the benefits of these extras, like the dog massage.

If you equate the idea of a dog massage to the idea of the human massage, it can seem over indulgent, but when you learn about the background and purpose, you’ll understand the benefits.

First, consider this, a dog massage can help calm your nervous dog. Whether you got your dog from a breeder or you rescued a pup from the shelter, no one loves our dogs like we do and their past lives may have left them some nervous tendencies. Being able to take your dog in for a calming massage to help with nervousness is of incredible value. From bringing home a new baby or expecting house guests, timid dogs can really benefit from a treatment dedicated to helping them calm down before or after a big event.

Next, maybe you have a really active dog, more than just the fun walks in your neighborhood, and you are about to take them on a big trip, hiking, or just a long day of activity outside. Consider warming up their muscles with a dog massage. Your furry friend can really benefit from the warm-up and, just like humans, and it can help prevent injuries.

And what about treating your aging friend. As our pups get older, moving around your house, going out for walks, and taking the stairs gets more challenging. A dog massage is a good way to give their muscles a break and work them out after a long walk. If you notice your dog limping around or hesitating to come to you, they may just need a good rub down, instead of vet attention.

Reach out to your favorite vet, day care, groomer, or dog spa and ask about the benefits of a massage for your dog. This could be a fun way to treat your pup on their birthday, just for fun, or because your kids think your dog is a toy.

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Lacey Miller

Lacey is a Texas native who now calls Austin home, where she lives with her husband and stubborn bulldog, Mackey. In such a dog-friendly city, her love from animals has expanded from family pets to giving back to local non-profits such as Austin Pets Alive! where she tries not to adopt every puppy in sight! Lacey enjoys writing in her free time and loves hearing stories about animals of all kinds! So send her a note about your favorite animal rescues, dog parks, or pet foods; she's here to write about them all!


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