Top 10 Pet Gifts Under $25

| CJ Silvasi

Want to treat your pets without breaking the bank? Explore these pet gift ideas that are under $25 and sure to please your cat or dog any time of year.

a fluffy cat sitting under a decorated christmas tree, demanding

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Santa Paws is coming to town to fill the stockings of all the good pets with fun holiday goodies.

Check out our top 10 pet gift ideas to give your cat or dog during the holidays... or any time of year.

Advent Calendars

Get your pet excited for Christmas with their very own advent calendar! You and your furry friend can celebrate the season by opening a daily surprise. You’ll be just as excited as they are when you participate in this holiday ritual.

Comfy Beds for Visions of Sugarplums

Is there anything better during the holidays than a nice nap? I’m sure your pets will always appreciate a cozy place to curl up and have sweet holiday dreams.

Gourmet Cat Nip

Catnip is a great treat for your kitty, so make the holidays special by adding_the good stuff_ to their favorite toys.

Pet-Safe Bubbles

There’s something magical about an animal discovering bubbles for the first time. Luckily, there are bubbles that are safe for pets to play with (and eat), so your furry friend can discover their inner bubble hunter.

Holiday-Themed Pet Toys

Toys are a holiday tradition, and your pet’s stocking should be as full as yours.

Ugly Sweaters for Pets

Bring your pets to your next ugly sweater party and let them join in on the fun. Not only is it a practical gift for cold weather, but everyone loves an animal in a sweater.

Christmas Costumes

Get your pet in the mood for fun with a holiday-themed costume. They’re perfect for portraits, parades, and parties with friends and family. Your pet will be the star of the show in these costumes.

Interactive Pet Puzzles

If your pet is easily bored, normal toys simply won’t do. Upgrade playtime this Christmas with enriching toys that challenge them and reward them for figuring out the game.

Holiday Chew Bones

Bring the season to your pet’s favorite chews with these holiday-themed red and green versions.

Christmas-Themed Cat Scratchers

Scratching posts have experienced an upgrade! Deck your halls with cat scratchers and fill your house with holiday cheer.

Thanks for reading our list of great gifts under $25 for pets!

No matter what you get to make the holidays special for your pet, you’ll both feel the magic of the season. Spending time with your furry best friend is the best holiday tradition you can start, so get one of everything and make it a season to remember.

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