Try These Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Treats for Your Pup

| CJ Silvasi

Treat your dog this summer with yummy ice-cream like frozen treats for pets. Make sure you select a pet-friendly treat so they stay happy and healthy.

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There’s something wonderful about ice cream as a treat on a hot summer’s day. It’s a great way to cool down and enjoy the dog days of summer, so don’t leave your canine companion out of the fun. 

We’ve talked about fun frozen treats or “pupscicles” you can make for your pet to help them cool down, but ice cream is a whole different situation. Before you share that scoop of ice cream from your cone, make sure it won’t make your pup sick. If you really want to give your dog an ice cream treat this summer, make sure it’s safe for pets.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

Strictly speaking, no, your dog should not eat ice cream. Dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot properly digest dairy products. Dairy can cause gastric distress like bloating, gas, diarrhea, or vomiting in dogs because they do not produce lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose. 

Additionally, some dogs may have an actual allergy to the protein in milk. Unlike lactose intolerance, if your pup is allergic to milk proteins the symptoms are more likely to present as an allergic reaction. If your dog consumes dairy and they are allergic a rash or itching may appear.

Ice cream is also loaded with sugar. Your dog’s gut is a delicate balance, and sugar can distort the bacteria inside their GI tract. As such, if your dog eats a lot of sugar, they may display similar stomach issues as lactose intolerance: gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. Overall, ice cream is likely to cause severe discomfort in your dog, so it’s best to keep it out of their reach. 

How Can I Tell If Ice Cream Is Safe for My Dog?

Most ice cream made for human consumption is not good for dogs to eat. If you’re looking to treat your pup this summer, stick to frozen treats made specifically for dogs. Because of FDA regulations about what can be considered “ice cream,” most of these will be called “frozen treats” since they should not contain any milk or cream. As more Americans are spoiling their pets, dog-safe ice cream can be found in most grocery stores and many online retailers. 

Frosty Paws® Frozen Dog Treats

One of the original and most easily accessible frozen treats for dogs comes from Purina®Frosty Paws Frozen Dog Treats. You can find these treats in the freezer section of many grocery store chains. They are already frozen, so there’s no extra steps you need to take, just open the packaging and let your dog enjoy their summertime treat.

Pooch Creamery

If you want to give your pup flavor options, Pooch Creamery is a great choice. They offer several varieties of ice cream mixes including cake batter and watermelon. These pints make great gifts too because they are shelf-stable mixes. You simply add water and freeze to make the treats at home. They are easily found in pet stores and online retailers. These treats do have added sugar, so don’t give your pup too much of these treats at once.

Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts

Ben & Jerry’s lovers rejoice! The brand known for over-the-top ice cream flavors has crafted two dog-friendly frozen treats in their Doggie Desserts line. Pontch’s Mix is dog-safe and swirled with peanut butter and pretzels, and Rosie’s Batch is filled with pumpkin and mini cookies. These treats are often found in grocery stores, but you can order them online as well. 

Enjoy summer to the fullest with your pup by treating them to a yummy frozen ice-cream like treat. They will love cooling off with something tasty and fun. When giving your pet any treats, be sure to limit their access for a healthy diet. 

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