Why Wellness Exams Are So Important for Pets

| CJ Silvasi

Seeing a vet regularly is a critical part of your pet’s care & can help lower medical costs down the road. Don’t skip this important step in keeping your pet healthy

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Going to the vet is expensive. Not only do you have to pay for the exam fees, testing, and treatments, but you might have to take time off from work or public transportation to get there. If it’s not a medical emergency, you may even be tempted to delay something as important as your pet’s annual wellness exam until it’s convenient. 

However, seeing a vet regularly is a critical part of your pet’s physical health and can help cut medical costs down the road. Don’t miss this important part of your pet’s care, so they can lead a long, healthy life.

What Happens During a Pet Wellness Exam?

During a wellness exam, your vet will speak to you about your pet’s overall health and behavior. The basic exam will include a physical examination to make sure they are growing or aging properly. This allows your vet to get some one-on-one time with your pet and will include getting your pet’s temperature, listening to their heart and lungs, and examining their paws and teeth. 

If your vet notices anything concerning, they may suggest other tests or exams to get more information on your pet’s current health. They will also review your pet’s vaccination status and any other general health matters that need to be considered. 

Does a Healthy Pet Really Need an Annual Wellness Exam?

Yes, all pets need an annual wellness exam. Your pet may seem healthy, but because they are unable to communicate verbally, there may be underlying issues that you are not aware of. Your vet team is comprised of animal experts who know what to look for and can identify signs and symptoms you may miss.

Pet species and breeds come with unique medical trends, so while you may know your pet individually, vets know of common issues to monitor for. Regular vet visits also allow your vet team to get to know your pet while they’re healthy, so they can better treat them should they become ill or injured. 

Can Annual Exams Really Save Me Money?

By keeping your pet healthy with preventative measures suggested during wellness exams, you can help avoid expensive emergency vet visits. Further, regular visits to your vet can lead to early diagnosis of major issues. This can prevent costly treatments associated with more severe cases and may even save your pet’s life. 

How Does an Annual Exam Benefit My Pet?

When you take your pet to the vet for their annual wellness exam, they get a full health checkup. Your vet will not only notice current signs of concern, but can advise on preventative measures to keep your pet healthy. This may mean putting your pet on vitamins, suggesting changes to their diet, or even lifestyle changes that can help prolong your pet’s life and health. 

Even if your annual wellness exam doesn’t include any major revelations, you vet can suggest ways to make your pet’s life easier. As pet’s age, their needs change, so your vet should be involved in every stage of your pet’s life to keep them on track for their age group and breed.

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