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Dog Years to Human Years

Pet Insurance  •   Maggie Dean  •   Jan 02, 2018


2018 is the Year of the Dog! While many dogs have the endless energy of a puppy well into their senior years, it can be tricky to understand aging in your dog. Everyone’s heard the rule that one year for a dog is equal to seven years for  a human. Surprisingly, that figure is fairly accurate and widely accepted amongst pet health experts.

Dog Years Calculator 

Dogs age differently than people do—and similarly, small dogs age differently than big dogs do! Use this chart below to help determine your dog’s “human age.”


Whether your dog is 2 or 14, “age is just a number” and how your dog feels and acts is more important than any number in dog or human years. Moreover, your dog’s lifestyle, weight, and activity level are also huge determining factors. You can add years to your dog’s life by keeping your dog engaged in activity and caring for his health needs.

Even though dogs age more quickly than humans, they’re always puppies in our eyes! AKC Pet Insurance proudly offers coverage for "puppies" of all ages. Start the Year of the Dog off right by getting a quote on your dog’s new policy!

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