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Dogs at Work

An employee benefit that puts smiles on faces.

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Get excited about a workday full of wagging tails and happy workers!

With increased productivity and reduced stress, it’s no wonder pet-friendly offices improve employee morale. Learn how to have a positive impact on your workplace by downloading our do-it-yourself Dogs at Work guide.

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Stand Out from the Pack:

Employees are seeking organizations that value individuality and embrace a creative atmosphere. Allowing dogs in the office can foster employee collaboration and help further develop your unique company identity and culture.

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Recruit and Retain Talent:

Free snacks and holidays are old news. 49% of prospective employees said that a pet-friendly workspace would “convince them to take a job offer,” and 71% of Gen Z pet owners want to bring their pets back to work.

Recruit and Retain Talent
Improve Employee Morale
Improve employee morale

Improve Employee Morale:

Dog-friendly offices make happy and healthy humans. In addition to inspiring collaboration, dogs in the workplace also provide an opportunity to step away from a project, destress with a pet, and return refreshed.