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Exam Coverage

Cover the costs of veterinary exam fees including routine vet exams, primary care vet exams, emergency vet exams, and specialty vet exams.

Your Exam Fees… Covered

Vet exam fees are only getting more expensive. Add Exam Coverage to your AKC Pet Insurance plan so your pet is covered for exam fees regardless of whether diagnostics are needed. Exam Coverage extends your pet insurance to reimburse for exam fees from:

  • Specialty Vet Visits

  • Primary Care Vet Visits

  • Emergency Vet Visits

Add the Exam Coverage to your pet insurance plan for less than you think!

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How Much Can You Save with Veterinary Exam Coverage?

Don’t let the rising costs of veterinary exams fees stop you from providing the best care for your pet.

Average Veterinary Exam Fees*

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    Routine Vet Exam Fees

  • Pet Hospitalization Icon


    Emergency Vet Exam Fees

  • Mastitis Icon


    Vet Specialist Exam Fees

* Cain, Erin. “Vet Appointment Costs: What You Need to Know.” Pet Insurance Review, Feb. 28,2023,

Veterinary Exam and Office Coverage

Get reimbursed for vet exam and office visit fees at your primary care vet, emergency hospitals, and specialty vet clinics.

Start Your Coverage Today!

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What Else Should I Know?

See Terms and Conditions

  • Only vet visits for covered conditions are eligible.

  • Wellness exams are not eligible.

  • Coverage is subject to deductible and coinsurance.

  • Pre-existing conditions are excluded.

  • Exam coverage is subject to waiting periods.

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