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What is Accident and Illness Coverage?

Accident and illness coverage helps with vet bills incurred from an accident, injury or illness. This most popular and most comprehensive policy reimburses for the diagnosis, treatment, and veterinary care for eligible injuries and illnesses.

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What's Covered?

CompanionPlus gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog has coverage for accidents, injuries and illnesses. Covered conditions include:

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GI Upset
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Ear Infection
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Broken Bones
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Cherry Eye

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X-Ray & Ultrasound
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Prescription Medications
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Laboratory Tests
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CT Scan & MRI
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Things to Know

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    Available to pets 8 weeks to 9 years
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    3-day wait period for accidents
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    14-day wait period for illnesses
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    Policy can be canceled any time
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    Policy automatically renews annually
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    Pre-existing conditions excluded