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Cherished Canines: The joys of what we didn’t have to train!

Behavior and Training  •   Jasey Day  •   Jan 25, 2017

We spend so much time focusing on behaviors that we want to modify in our dogs. Perhaps we spend too little time remembering the wonderful things our dogs give us that we did not have to train! This blog focuses on remembering and being grateful for those habits and traits!

For example, my younger dog is the only dog I've ever owned who adores cuddling with other dogs and will often leave his bed to join another dog in the house on his dog bed. That's priceless! My older dog doesn't bark at the front door unless something VERY weird is going on and is generally a very quiet house dog.

My students shared the below cute quirks and “good dog behaviors!”


Moxie has always been the biggest love when it comes to her people. She likes to "take roll" every morning by going to find each family member or visitor in the house. She sniffs under each door and if she smells/hears someone inside she waits patiently for them to come out. – Moxie’s owner


For a rescue dog that had a crappy start to his little life (found emaciated and worm/bug ridden in the trunk of a car), Buddy has rebounded tremendously. Some of the "gifts" he brought with him that never needed much training are (1) Sit. He learned that almost immediately after he quickly realized "sit" often comes with praise and treats. (2) Crating. Buddy yelped for about 5 minutes the first night I put him in his crate next to my bed...since then, with VERY few exceptions, he's settled right down and has (so far) not had any accidents in his happy little den. (3) Barking. Thank you gods of rescue doggies for giving me a dog that DOESN'T bark a lot. – Buddy’s owner


Missy wasn't able to handle us being in the pool and she not being in, too.  To keep her calm, we would put her in the bathroom with no windows. To our surprise after the first time, whenever I was wearing board shorts or had them in my hand, she'd run and lay down in the bathroom, no commands from us.  – Missy’s owners


Ripley’s spooning us when we sleep.  That is my favorite thing; it makes us feel special and loved by him. Great bonding moments! – Ripley’s owners


As soon as the door shuts behind us when we come home from work, Shelby will do a hound howl “aw-aw-arrooooo” and bound out like she is just so excited we are home.  Not great behavior, but we have come to find it endearing. – Shelby’s owners


Gus-gus will come up to me if I am sitting somewhere and just sit down at my feet and stare at me until I put him in my lap. It is the sweetest thing - he loves cuddles! – Gus-gus’s owner


We are so glad that our Scottie, Belle, is innately friendly!  She loves other dogs and people - and her breed isn't prone to that!  She isn't a picky eater; she loves anything we give to her! And in the mornings, she acts as if she hasn't seen us in weeks!  - Belle’s owners


I am thankful for the way Zeke goes to the kitchen and patiently sits while I fill his feeding bowl in the garage. I only had to show him once or twice and he mastered it. This was after one time when he jumped up in excitement and knocked the pan out of my hand and dry food went everywhere!!! Now when he sees me pick up his pan and head to garage, Zeke heads to kitchen and sits. So cute if I may say so!  I guess he has a good motive!!! – Zeke’s owner


When we were bringing our black Lab, Lacy (a Christmas present!) home for the first time, she rode the whole way resting in our sons lap! Lacy still loves to sit in your lap and she's now bigger than your lap! If you're sitting in her favorite chair, she'll crawl up and stretch out behind you with her head on your shoulder, like you're wearing a Lacy scarf. If you have your feet on the ottoman, she'll also rest her head on your feet and sleep. She's a sweetie and has always known how to make her humans feel special. – Lacy’s owners


Our little guy Beau, is finally ringing his bell when he needs to go out!!!  Not every time but most! – Beau’s owners


After reading the above, it seems that cuddling or being a quick learner top the list for many of us! What does your dog do? Think about it and remember it every day  - even when your dog chews your shoes that you accidentally left out!  

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