Dogs at Work: An Employee Benefit that Put Smiles on Faces

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Pet-friendly offices are the employee benefit of the future. Here's how bringing dogs to work can help retain talent and have a positive impact on your workplace.


With increased productivity and reduced stress, it’s no wonder pet-friendly offices improve employee morale. Learn how dogs at work can have a positive impact on your workplace.

Stand Out from the Pack

Employees are seeking organizations that value individually and embrace a creative atmosphere. Allowing dogs in the office can foster employee collaboration and help further develop your unique company culture.

Recruit and Retain Talent

Free snacks and holidays are old news! 49% of prospective employees said a pet-friendly workspace could “convince them to take a job offer,” and 71% of Gen Z pet owners want to bring their pets back to work.

Improve Employee Morale

Dog-friendly offices make happy and healthy humans. In addition to inspiring collaboration, dogs in the workplace also provide an opportunity to step away from a project, destress with a pet, and return refreshed.

Interested in making your workplace dog-friendly? Check out our Dogs at Work guide.

Already a dog-friendly workplace? Here are some tips on how to prepare when bringing your favorite four-legged co-worker to the office.

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